Obsessed with her
9 Friends and Jealousy
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Obsessed with her
Author :sana313
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9 Friends and Jealousy

after the sudden sea side ✌date✌

they both left for home. and after reaching at ciara's place-

mr. jae," are you feeling better?"

ciara( with fine smile),"yes, mr. jae. thanks for your time."

mr. jae came out of the car and opened the door for ciara. ciara came outside, they both greeted each other and ciara took steps to the door. after reaching the door she opened it and looked back and smiled at mr. jae and he gave that fucking attractive smile to her 😭😭😭😭😻😻😻

she closed the door and he left.

next day ------

ciara was getting ready for the job and her phone rings. it was the owner of book store. he asked her if she wants a day off she can take it cz she's been through the bad incident. but she thought ,what she ll do by sitting home. thoughts ll more depress her. then she told him that she is coming to the store.

ciara came to the store. rachel was there with her. and rachel noticed that ciara is still little depressed. so rachel called some of their friends to chill out with ciara and owner was okay that. vicky, hannah, joe and alen. these are the college mates of ciara and rachel. they all came to meet ciara. as like yesterday, bodyguards were still there outside the book store. ciara was happy that her friends came to see her. but she was missing mr. jae at the same time. she texted him,"hello, mr. jae. i am feeling good today. my friends are here. hope to see you soon❤ mr. jae."

mr. jae gets her text and replies her back ," hi ciara, its good to know you are doing well today. i ll see you soon. boys are also included in your friends?? "

ciara. texts him back,"yes joe and alen. they are my college friends:)"

mr. jae was getting very conscious and jealous. texted her back -

"oh. okay. take care ciara."

ciara,"you too. mr. jae❤"

after knowing that there are boys too mr. jae was getting impatient and started treating his staff like a grumpy boss. he was not able to understand what should he do. he was calming himself and continue doing his work.

ciara and rachel both were handlingthe costumers and chilling out with friends. alen was having bigggg crush on ciara and proposed her many times but everytime he got rejected. for ciara alen was only a friend. she never felt any love kinda feeling for him. he was finding chance to have some alone time with ciara.

mr. jae called one of his bodyguard and told him to get some pictures of ciara and send him. bodyguard got pictures and sent to mr. jae.

in every picture there was one guy looking at ciara and stood very close to her. mr. jae found out this. and he freaked out. he decided to visit ciara.
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    《Obsessed with her》