Obsessed with her
10 Trying Not To Be Violen
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Obsessed with her
Author :sana313
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10 Trying Not To Be Violen

he left for the book store. ciara went to make some coffee for her friends. alen got the chance. he went behind her to the kitchen. they both started talking and topic popped out. alen was trying to talk about relationship with ciara.

alen," so, are you feeling better now?"

ciara," oh yes. much better. bc of you guys. thanks for coming."

alen,"ummhm. are you free tonight? we can go somewhere if you want."

ciara," I am free but bit tiered. next time?"

alen," hey, come-on i ll bring my car we ll go for the dinner. "

ciara,"umm. okay. done:)"

(mr. jae appeared)

rachel welcomes him. ciara listens his name and came out side with coffee mugs. she was very happy inside and but blushing very hard from outside. her doesn't know him. so ciara introduced him with her . ciara gave him her mug of coffee. ciara and mr jae went to the kitchen and were having some chat. but there was someone who kept his ears on their chats.

mr. jae," you make good coffee huh."

ciara," ah thanks mr.jae. i'd love to make it for you again."

mr.jae, "and i'd love to take it again" (ciara blushes)- do you having any plan for tonight?" mr. jae asked.

alen were listening to them, and before ciara says a word he answered - yes. we are going for dinner."

mr. jae ignored him and asked ciara," where'd you like to go with me tonight?"

alen," hey, i said we are going outside tonight. didn't you listen to me?"

ciara was confused. and she didn't get what to say.

he was freaking mr. jae out.

but he was trying to control himself. - ciara, are you going with him?

alen," yes. she is------

mr. jae lost his mind and pulled his collar -"did i ask you anything? no right! then shut your fucking mouth! i dont wanna hear a single word."

no one was aware of what was going inside. ciara was trying to pull mr. jae's hand but failed.

ciara," leave him mr.jae please"

mr. jae-

" she is my girlfriend. you are nobody to decide anything for her. I will. i will kill you if i ever come to know that you are still behind her! now leave"

alen ran out of the store.

ciara was shocked snd started getting afraid of mr.jae. she started reminding those things which he said on the sea side.

mr.jae," I ll see you in the evening. take care. " and he left the store.

everyone got confused about scene.

specially ciara. she started to think very deeply. mr.jae threaten alen that he ll kill him. all she was thinking about this only. after everyone left. she told everything to rachel and rachel suggested her to keep distance from mr. jae. it was hard for ciara but she thought that it is better option. after closing the store, ciara left for the home.
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    《Obsessed with her》