Obsessed with her
11 Heavy Hear
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Obsessed with her
Author :sana313
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11 Heavy Hear

thoughts were eating her. her mind got so heavy that she couldn't even think about anything straight. she was missing her mom. she called her and talked to her. from childhood ciara shared everything with her mom. ciara told her mom about Mr. jae and the incident that happened recently in the store. her mom suggested her not to think anything for now. clear things out with the person. keeping things inside will make her feel heavy. she listened to her mom. they both wished goodnight to each other and hanged the call.

without thinking anything much ciara took her dinner and did her night routine. before going to bed she switched her phone off and slept.

____NEXT DAY 12:30pm____

ciara got up. she didn't realize it was too late cz she switched off her phone last night. it was cold gloomy day. Ciara didn't want to switch her phone on. she thought it is already late for Store and was feeling lazy too. she cooked food for herself. Ciara was still upset with Mr. jae. she didn't want to create drama in front of her friends. she was upset that he mistreated alen. alen was a good guy. he helped her many times. she knew that he has feelings for her but she never felt anything for him in that way. but still she always cared for him as a friend. they knew each other from childhood. went to Same school and college. Ciara didn't wan to talk to Mr jae. day was very gloomy and ciara was feeling very alone. she decided to visit her mom who stays in her hometown. she switched her phone on and informed Rachael that she is taking a leave. there were many msgs and calls from her friends who visited her and Mr jae's. without reading any msg she left her place and took bus for her hometown and totally forgot that Mr jae's men are keeping their eyes on her.

____Meanwhile, Mr jae was freaking out. he called his assistant Mr josh. and asked him to get information from the bodyguards. he found out that she left from her place. bodyguards followed her to the hometown. somewhere Mr jae knew that ciara is upset cz of his behavior.

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    《Obsessed with her》