Obsessed with her
12 Home.
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Obsessed with her
Author :sana313
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12 Home.

As Ciara reached her home, she hugged mother and were very happy to see each other. Ciara went to her room and went to take a warm bath. In shower , she was thinking if she should switch her phone on or just enjoy her break. there were still many questions running in her mind. after taking bath, her mom called her name -

mom, "Ciara... come, dinner is on the table"

Ciara, "..coming mom..."

Ciara came to the dinner table , and both took chair. her mom while serving-

"do you want to talk about anything, Ciara?"

Ciara, " .. no Mom, I'm fine. it's just work stress. I believe I'll be fine."

mom, "oh, okay. but you know you can share anything with me, Right?(with worried expressions on her face) just know I'm there."

Ciara, " yeahhh momma.. c'mon, let's eat the dinner, it's hot (with a gentle smile on her face)

both starts to eat dinner. after some chit chatting with mom, Ciara comes back to her room and thinks about switching her phone on.

___ MEANWHILE at Mr jae's place ___

"I don't know how do I reach out to her , I can't believe she didn't even had a thought about me this whole day" , says mr jae to his sister Lexy with worries and frustration.

Mr jae knew that Ciara is at her mom's house. his bodyguards followed Ciara till her place and informed mr jae.

Lexy , "....you acted in a wrong way , of course she'll be upset. I think you should wait for her to come back and then talk to her calmly."

Mr jae, "I can't wait for her to come back Lexy, I'm restless..... her phone is off , she's not even talking to me."

Lexy, " I don't know what to say, so what you going to do now?"

Mr jae, " I'll go to see her. I'll take her back here"

Lexy, "seriously? and you think she'll agree to come with you? brother, don't force her to be with you. let her take some time."

Mr jae, " I don't care if she'll agree or not. she didn't think about me and I'm gonna do the same. she made me fall for her, she doesn't have any other choice now."

He left Lexy speechless.

___Night (11pm)___

Mr jae leaves for Ciara's hometown with his bodyguards. he was anxious, worried and sad at the Same time.

___At Ciara's place___

after thinking for an hour, Ciara finally decides to switch her phone on. as soon as she switched it on, she got so many messages from her friends and Mr jae and so many missed calls. somewhere she knew, that might have got Mr jae angry. she didn't have courage to open his messages.

Ciara mumbling to herself, " there's no point of ignoring these messages, I'm gonna have to face him anyhow...."

phone rings ..... it was Rachel's call.

"oh my God... where the hell are you?? I've been calling you since last night. are you okay?" asked Rachel.

"hey hey, I'm really sorry I didn't inform, but I'm at my mom's house. I came this afternoon. and I'm fine. how are you?" Ciara asks to Rachel.

"what?? how could you not inform me. I was so worried....when are you gonna come back?" Rachel to Ciara.

" I'm Soo so sorry babe. I should have informed you., I'll be here for 2-3 days. I'm so Disturbed. I think it's better for me to take some time for myself." Ciara said.

they both chit chat for some time. while talking on call with Rachel , her phone bips. and it was a call from Mr jae. but, she didn't receive his call and continued her talks with Rachel.

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    《Obsessed with her》