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Author :muliana67
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"Take your hands off.I'll tell you all you wanna know," said Tie Lan with her eyes focused on a certain place.

"Tell me and then I'll take my hands off"Gu Lan refused.

"Gu Lan.."

"Forget it! I know what you're hiding"Gu Lan suddenly said making, Tie Lan's heart beat wildly.

"You..you...what am i hiding?"Tie Lan asked with a whisper.

"Well, i know that you refuse to bathe with me in the bathroom because.."

"Because of what?"

"You are not just shy but scared," said Gu Lan.

"You..stop saying that"
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"Alright! I take my hands off now"

Gu Lan removed her hands from Ti Lan's belly and she sighed in relief.

"I know you're hiding a secret. You...are not a real woman. You have a...what's that thing called?"

"What?"Tie Lan asked with widened eyes that blinked four times in a row.

"It's long and big. They say it can make ladies have a baby in their stomach. What's the name?"Gu Lan asked. She was thinking hard of the name.

Tie Lan's heart almost leaped outta her chest.

"Gu Lan, when did you become so vulgar?"Tie Lan asked.

"Oh, i recall now. It's called the...the..the"

"Don't say anything, Gu Lan"

"It's called...babymaker," said Gu Lan.

Tie Lan facepalmed.

"That's the name i recall.Babymaker.You have it right?"Gu Lan asked.

"You...how can you say this?"Tie Lan asked.

"Eish! Don't deny it, buddy. I knew it right from the second day we became buddies. I just didn't wanna tell you so you won't feel like a monster"

"But i'm already feeling like one. You..."

"So now tell me, what happened at the emperor's courtyard? You made it back safe and sound without even a scratch. Do you think I'll believe you if you say that nothing happened? Tell me, did the emperor fall for you?"Gu Lan asked and Tie Lan facepalmed again.

"I...can't tell you. Please forgive me. I made an oath. Understand okay? I...really need to sleep now."

"But you promised.."

"Fine! I'll tell you"

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