Reaper of the Martial World
1091 Steeled Heart 1
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Reaper of the Martial World
Author :Awespec
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1091 Steeled Heart 1

"What are you doing?" At that moment, a cold voice that seemed to rise up from the depths of hell froze Arthurian.

There was no doubting what Arthurian's intentions were. He was kneeling behind a disheveled woman who had tears streaming down her cheeks, all while grasping her hip with one hand and fiddling with his robes with the other. Even a person completely oblivious to the ways of the world would understand what was happening.

"Vice Leader!" The three disciples called out, each stumbling over each other to explain what had happened. However, just as they were about to warn Dyon about the Meridian Constricting Powder, they were slapped away by an overwhelming wave of saint energy that heavily injured them all.

Dyon's eyes narrowed. "Your death will be very painful."

Arthurian suddenly felt a wave of Presence that filled him with dread. He tried to communicate with his spatial ring with all of his remaining energy. As long as he could fling out the powder, he would win and everything would be solved.

Dyon sneered. "Do you think such a weak powder would work on me?" He strode forward with murder in his eyes. "Meridian Constricting Powder stops one from properly controlling their energies. But did you ever consider that I don't need to use energy to defeat you? Did you consider that just my body is enough?"

Dyon's hand flew forward, slapping Arthurian with such a heavy hand that half his face distorted as though he had suffered a stroke.

Teeth and blood flew into the air. Even Arthurian's skull became deformed. He looked more like a ghastly ghost than a human.

"Don't kill him." Violet suddenly spoke. Despite the tears on her cheeks still being visible, the rest of her features had become completely expressionless as though nothing had happened. "I want everyone to know what kind of scumbag he is. I want him hung from the pillar of shame."

She calmly took clothes from spatial ring and put them on before walking toward the three bound disciples. They were currently still spitting up blood from Arthurian's attack.

When Dyon saw Violet take out a blade, he frowned, grasping her wrist firmly before she could attack. "What do you think you're doing?"

Violet trembled, her teeth audibly grinding over each other. "They saw what they shouldn't see, they deserve to die!" Violet's screech of emotion was so abrupt that it was only now they understood that her indifferent expression wasn't indifferent at all. Instead, it only masked the pain she was trying to bury.

"Then what about me?" Dyon's frown deepened. "Did I not also see what I shouldn't have seen?"

Violet's expression twisted and distorted, unable to reel in her emotions.

"Young hero!" The spirit that had remained silent all of this time spoke. "Please help my Legatee. I've stopped her soul from dissipating as a final hope, but I don't have the ability to heal her. Please."

The pleading of the spirit made Dyon remember that there was another victim in all of this.

Arthurian scurried to his feet, running away even as Dyon knelt beside Sophia and checking her status. He didn't bother with Arthurian. Since Violet made it clear how he wanted him to be punished, there was no need for him to intervene. The valley would close soon and a coward like Arthurian wouldn't have any place to go but home. By then, how could he escape the wrath of the Sect Master?

Sophia was still a 9th stage Essence Gatherer. With her cultivation, Dyon was surprised that she managed to become an inner disciple, but he didn't have time to think about this now.

Because she was still an essence gatherer, although her body was more fragile, it was also easier to heal.

Dyon's runic flame appeared in his hand. He wasn't skilled enough to heal his own celestial body yet because runic theory didn't come as naturally to him as array alchemy did, but he had a perfect practice subject here.

It may sound cruel for Dyon to use the life of another to practice, but he would never put her life at risk. He wouldn't stubbornly persist if he knew he failed, he would simply use one of the many lower level healing pills he had. Since he could bring Masako back from the brink of death, why couldn't they do the same from Sophia?

When the spirit saw how powerful Dyon's runic flame was, she was pleasantly surprised. With her experience, she could easily see that it had reached the comet flame level, which meant this young hero actually had a celestial level body! However, she couldn't help but frown when she noticed how poor his control was. Dyon could barely be considered a 1st Common Level Runic Master. His only saving grace was that his master had the memories of being a 1st Master Level Runic Master, which helped him a bit.

The problem was that his master barely spent any time on Runic Vein Theory while she was alive. And, after her death, without a body, how could she produce a runic flame? So, other than the memories about awakening the runic flame, everything else was intangible and theory related, with barely any application memories.

The spirit could only sigh. There was nothing she could do about it, this wasn't the time to be picky. He was the only one who could save her.

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    《Reaper of the Martial World》