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Reborn Into an Otome Game as a Love Rival!
Author :leJINdary98
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2 A Newborn Baby?!?

It's dark but somehow I feel comfortable... I want to stay like this forever...

The peacefulness was suddenly gone when I feel my body being pulled away. 'No! Don't pull me! However the only sound that I could is a sharp baby's cry

I open my eyes to see a tired young women, reaching towards her I was shocked. My hands are tiny?! So small.... just like a newborn baby!

'God, is this the legendary reincarnation?! Did this just really happen to me? I thought it was only fictional?! Yes!!!' I laughed, 'I'm not dead yet! Since I've been given this second chance I will enjoy myself here. Hahahaha'

But for now I will sleep~~ so tired~


Today, the first wife of Duke Ernest, Lady Sophia has successfully given birth to a baby girl despite her status as the unloved wife. On that day, the Duke did not even bother visiting his wife and child. Instead he spent time with his beloved concubine, Lady Rose.

Lady Sophia and Duke Ernest's marriage was one of convenience because of the power Lady Sophia's household. She born in a very wealthy prestigious family, and often visited the Kirlune Kingdom. It was then that she fell in love at first sight with Duke Ernest.

Her persuasiveness led her father ask the Kirlune King to grant marriage between her and the Duke. Thus the King agreed for the sake of the kingdom and blessed the marriage between them.

Only it was a pity her love was never to be reciprocated. During that time, Duke Ernest Was already in relationship with Lady Rose, however he found he could not refuse the royal decree, and therefore was forced to accept it. After his marriage Lady Sophia, he couldn't stand being with her and avoided contact. She became known at the Unloved Wife. 2 years later, Duke Ernest married his lover Lady Rose and they become a noticeable loving couple in the manor.

Blind with rage and jealousy, Lady Sophia made a decision. She would try to seduce the Duke and make Lady Rose's life in the manor as hard as possible when the Duke was not home. This backfired, only causing the Duke to loathe her that much more. She became desperate, so much so, she drugs the Duke in order to take advantage of him.

When he woke, he left her in the chambers ignoring her pitiful pleads to stay. From this day on, Lady Sophia continues to live in deep hopeless depression, until a ray of light brings hope back in to her life! She discovered she was pregnant!

'My child, with you around, the Duke Ernest will stay with me'. That was the first time she smiled during 2 years of her married life.

Slowly she began to lose hope once again. Even during her pregnancy, and labour the Duke did not visit. Not even once. Once her daughter arrived, when looking at her, all she felt was emptiness. Hearing the baby laugh just made her feel like she was being mocked.

She began to hate.

She hated the Duke Ernest. She hated Lady Rose. She hated the baby... and she hated herself. 'Maybe if I disappear everything will feel better'. The thought crossed her mind. Her heart already broken and splintered.
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    《Reborn Into an Otome Game as a Love Rival!》