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Reborn Into an Otome Game as a Love Rival!
Author :leJINdary98
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3 Clever baby

Ruca's P.O.V

It's been a year since I've been in this world. During this time I haven't met my father can once and the only time I met my birth mother was when I was born. Like seriously, is this how parents are supposed to be in this world?

'This world huh' sigh~ It's called Tiera and I am in the Kirlune Kingdom. Being born from a loveless marriage.. I wonder what future will await me...

My family consist of my father, my mother as first wife, my stepmother and 2 years old step sister. And how do I know about all of this?

The rumours circulating between maids in this household shouldn't be underestimated.

Hmm...however it seem nowadays, the maids are not quite chatty compare to before. Not to mention they keep on looking at me with those creepy eyes. I wonder why? Hmm ... nevermind then. Lets just escape from them. Hehe.

In my previous life, I was an orphan. At least in this life I have parents even though they both deny my existence. But maybe, if I can preservere enough, one day they will come to love me. Yes. This is my goal! First mission right now: to build a good relationship with my mother!

Lets make a plan. Firstly when I am able to walk, I should search, look around and be with her. For now, lets travel around the house. Where is my mother's room? Lets keep looking. Crawl..crawl..crawl. It looks like I really reincarnates into a rich household. This mansion is massive. Awesome! I am a rich..hahaha...

It's a good thing the maids only look for me when it's time for my food, I can crawl without getting caught!

After looking for a long time, it's time for my lunch so now lets turn back and be a good girl


Maids P.O.V

The baby girl born in Lady Sophia's mansion is so cute. With the blackest hair like dark night and blue eyes like a deep sea, she certainly looks adorable. Her smile shines like a goddess descend upon earth and a she has beautiful laugh that heal the heart. The baby is such a good little girl too.

She does not cry at night. She seems embarassed when being bathed and using the toilet. Whenever the maids are gosipping, the baby seems to understand them... her expression keep changing..its as if she listens to their conversations. Thus theres new rumours that the baby understand people. Because of it, the new rule among maids has become to take care the words they utter in front of the baby.

When she starts to crawl..she seems to always dissapear and wonder around the mansion. Curious about everything and keep searching for something. Even when the maid try to look for her, the baby always crawling around. However when the time arrives to feed the child, like a miracle , she is always at her room ..waiting to be fed.

The maids in the mansion certainly like the little girl since she never gives them any problem when taking care of her. It makes them sad to think that baby's father did not see her even after a year, especially because they know how their master dotes on baby's little sister so much. This could be seen with the comparing the number of maids for each girl, since there are many maids to attend to the little sister, compared to the amount of maids whom attend the baby's need.

But there is nothing they can do except to continue doing their duty as a maid. However, they try to always keep her accompanied so the baby did not feel lonely.
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    《Reborn Into an Otome Game as a Love Rival!》