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Reborn Into an Otome Game as a Love Rival!
Author :leJINdary98
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4 Named

Ruca's P.O.V

Today is my fourth birthday. The custom of this world is to name their child after they turn 4 years old. I am so excited because finally my name will be granted by my father.

The maids dress me up prettily because the ceremony will be starting soon. All the members of the family must be present for the ceremony. When it is about the time to begin, my family enter the hall.

My mother whose face I had forgotten, enters first and shows her presence. She still beautiful but seems so cold. 'Mom, from now on I will accompany you'. I smile at her.

Today, I finally saw my father's, stepmothers and my little sister's face. Well, like just what I imagined, my father's presence is quite intimidating. Its make me nervous being beside him.

My stepmother is so pretty. My own mother gives out the feeling of an unapprochable beauty while my stepmother gives out a feeling of kindness that makes people want to get attached to her. After that i turn to look at my little sister. Aww... that little girl is so cute. A blond hair that shine brightly as sun, skin as white as snow and sparkling eyes that can warm the people's soul. Is that really my sister? Now i understand why she gets doted on. She is simply irrestible cute.

The ceremony stats. In front of all the guest attending in the hall, my father holds my hand and announces my name. "From now on this child will be named and called as Ruca Ciara".

'Ruca Ciara'... why did it feel so familiar? Hmm.. After my father announced my name, he immediately releases my hand and entertain the guest. It stung a little bit.

Looking around the hall, I find my little sister surrounded by her maids and I approach her. "Hi, you are my little sister right. Nice to meet you". I try to touch her cheek but my hand is shoved away by the maids. "Ruca-sama*, it is unpolite to touch someone without her consent". The maid viciously glares at me.

"She is my little sister, I can touch her whenever I want and you as a maid do not have right to stop me". I look at her. The maid seems perplexed. "I am sorry Ruca-sama". Then the maids immediately left the place with my little sister. If I follow my heart, I want to chase the maid and give her a harsh scolding. However I do not want to make any disturbances in my ceremony. So I calm my self. After that, I search for my mother.

I find her silhouette alone at the corner of the room. "M..Mommy". I nervously approach. When she does not saying anything, I build up my courage and hold her hand. Fortunately she does not push away my hand. However she does not respond to anything or even look at me. She continues to look distant. That doesn't deter me so I continue holding her hand and sit beside her. Even though her hand is cold, I feel at ease being beside her. I think maybe this is the feeling of having a mother. So comfortable. It becomes so comfortable that I become sleepy~


Lady Sophia's P.O.V

After 4 years, Lady Sophia finally leaves her room. This is because of her daughter's ceremony that she should attend. But the thought of seeing her husband along with the other family torments her to no end.

When she arrived, she sees a little girl curiously looking around at everyone. She know that the little girl is her daughter because of the resemblances between them. When that little girl looks at her, she smiles so brightly as to convey something to her. It shocks Lady Sophia. 'How long has it been since someone smiled so sincerely at me'

'Ruca Ciara huh' its a beautiful name. She thought that the name is suitable with her daughter. As usual, in any event she previously attended, she stood and sat in the back corner since she felt the place did not welcome her. Spending her time alone, suddenly she hear a timid voice.

"M...Mommy". Looking at the source of the voice, she see her daughter. Releasing her cold aura, she ignore the little girl. Suddenly she felt her hand being grabbed by the little girl. She wants to ignore the child. But somehow when their hands are connected, she felt warmth. A feeling she has long forgotten are comes back to her. A feeling of being loved. It scared her. But she is unwilling to push the little girl away. And so they sit. Doing nothing but enjoying the moment together.

After sometime, she feel the little girl lean on her. Looking at the little girl, she finds that the girl fell asleep. Then the maid come to put the little girl to bed. But when they try to release the little girl's hand that is tightly holding my hand, they failed. The little girl seem does not want to leave my side.

The maids then give Lady Sophia an expectant look. A look that tries to persuade her to spend time together with her child. After a thought, Lady Sophia decides to follow the girl into her room. As Lady Sophia lay down on the bed, while holding her hand, she fell asleep together with the little girl. That is the first time in a while she had a deep sleep.

'Maybe I too can have a happy ending'.


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