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Reborn Into an Otome Game as a Love Rival!
Author :leJINdary98
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5 A daughters love

Ruca's P.O.V

I woke up seeing my mother beside me. She is still beautiful even though she is in a deep slumber. It felt like yesterday's event was a dream. Waking up beside my mother is also like a dream!!!... hehehe...so happy

"Good morning, Mommy". Excitedly I greet my mother. "Hmm.." She looks at me expressionlessly. She really is a woman of few words. After that, my mother immediately returns back to her room.

4 years old of age is really convinient since I have been given the freedom to roam around the mansion. Thus I would always visit my mother at her place. When I visit her, she doesn't chase me away nor does she greet me. But during my visit, she always has my favourite pastry ready for me. This is enough for me to know that she is welcoming me. She just doesn't know how to express her feelings well.

With these thoughts in mind, I get ready to visit her once again today. After getting changed, as usual I go to her room.

Knock..knock.. " Mommy, I'm here". I feel a gloomy aura. The maid that attends to my mother comes towards me.

"Excuse me Ruca-sama, Lady Sophia does not want to be disturbed today. Please return for today". She said.

I felt something is wrong.

"Why? Does mother not want to see me? Is she sick? If that is the reason, I have to see her now. Please open the door". I ask her.

"No thats not it" she denies.

"Then why?".

"Actually.... today is her wedding anniversary but master does not even look for her, just like every year before. So today she wants to be alone". She hesitantly tells me.

I resolve my will. "Open the door".

"But..Lady.." The maid tries to stop me.

"Please..". I gaze desperately at her.

"Yes Ruca-sama". She gives up and opens my mother's room. When I enter, my mother sat on her bed.

As I approach her. She does not move. She looks expresionless. Its like nothing in this world matters to her. It feels like I am not there beside her. So I hug her.

"Leave me. Let me be alone". She said. I still hug her,

"Go away. Leave me like everybody else does". She tries pushing me. Still I tighten my grip on her body

"Get out!!!". She screams hoarsely.

The maids are shocked and try to pull me out from the room. "Leave. Close the door", I tell the maids.

My mother and I are left alone together in the room. Then, the more my mother tries to make me leave her the more tightly I hold her. Because I know...when she tries to make me leave, what she really wants is for me to stay.

No one wants to be alone. No one likes to be alone. No one loves to be alone. After she yells...she starts sobbing. "Why did he choose her? Why not me?" She keeps on crying. "I know it was wrong to force my feeling upon him, that is my fault but at least...at least he should try to accompany me, I am his wife."

I keep on hugging her and wipe her tears. Letting her pour out all her feeling of sadness, frustration and pain. "I just do not want to be alone". She finally admits.

Afterwards, she become tired. "Do not worry mommy. I will be with you". I said to her. Its the first time I see her sleeping with ease. Its like nothing is burden her anymore. She just needed to talk to someone.

"Mommy please be happy". I pray for her deep in my heart.


Maids P.O.V

The next morning, the maids at Lady Sophia are puzzled.

The infamous Lady Sophia is smiling beside her daughter. Smiling! They are laughing and having pleasant time together.

It feels like a ray of sunlight finally shine upon Lady Sophia's mansion after 4 years of bad days.

They feel at ease now in Lady Sophia's mansion compared to before. The maids know its all because of their little young mistress Ruca-sama who healed Lady Sophia's heart.

From this day on only smiles can be seen and laughter can be heard in Lady Sophia's mansion. How thankful.


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