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Reborn Into an Otome Game as a Love Rival!
Author :leJINdary98
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6 Little sister

Ruca's P.O.V

Tonight is my little sister's ceremony for her name! My mother and I have been invited to go to the event. She is wearing a blue dress while I wear red. I think the colour that suits me the best is definitely red.

As I look at the mirror, I see a girl with a long black hair and blue eyes. Definitely cute. Hehehe... 'Stop being narcissist' I tell myself.

My mother just smile at me whenever I ask her whether I am cute or not. Compared to before, my mother seems more happier. I like our current situation.

When we enter the ceremony's hall, we can see many guests have already arrived. There are also many new faces that I did not seen during my ceremony. "Mommy, why there are many guests attending my little sister's ceremony?" I ask my mother. Wondering.

"Well you know, it is your little sister's ceremony". She replied with forced smile. Then I remember that my father's affection relied on my stepmother and little sister. Not my mother and me.

In modern life drama, if a father had favouritism in family, eventually the family falls apart. The daughter turns rebellious, and the wife starts having affairs as well. Never mind. 'Father, I know its your fault for being like that! Its not my stepmothers or my little sister fault' Sigh~ Okay, stop thinking like that. I wonder why ever since I reincarnated into this world, my mind always drift away. I hope I'm not turning into a dumb person.

After a while, my father, my little sister and stepmother are enter the hall. They walk together as my little sister holds their hand while walking in between them. My father, who did not smile during my ceremony, is smiling happily. They certainly look like a happy family.

My little sister that has turned 4 years old is wearing a pink dress. With her flowing long blond hair and a sparkling eyes, she totally deserves to be main character in the ceremony today. She is so cute that some many wonder how beautiful she may be in future.

During their entrance, my father did not even glance once at my mother. Worried, I look at her. Fortunately, she does not seem hurt anymore. It looks like she is truly moving on. As if to reassure, she smiles at me to show that she is fine.

What a relief... My mother have finally become stronger.

As the ceremony reached it climax, my father then proceeded to grant my little sister's name. "From now on my daughter will be named and called as Linie Orlan". He announced.

He refer me as 'this child' during my ceremony and 'my daughter' during my little sister's ceremony. Well its a lie if I say it's not hurting me because my heart can feel the pain. Suddenly I feel my mother grab and hold my hand. Giving me strength. If this is the pain that my mother felt when she stayEd with father, no wonder she seemed so heartbroken.

But now its alright because my mother and me, we both have each other. I hold her hand tightly. 'We both are fine'. We smile at each other.

Once again, I look at my little sister. 'Linie Orlan'. It seem so compatible for her. 'Linie-chan' hehee.. so cute.

Wait...wait a minute..

Linie Orlan...Linie-chan...Lin... Oh my god...it cant be true... God please tell me its not true....

Tell me its not that world...THAT otome world..

Because I just remembered that my name 'Ruca Ciara' is a main villain character, Linie Orlan's love rival in the otome game!

To be with main hero's lover is truly my dream but reincarnated as love rival was not in my wishlist. No way!!!!!!!!

I fainted.....


Guests P.O.Vs

The name giving ceremony in Duke Ernest mansion is very grand. The guest that attend mostly have a high rank in society.

In the corner of the hall, a beautifully dressed lady and a cute doll-like child are remain seated. Their icy beauty make them unapproachable. The guests are wonder who there are but considering the maids that serve them are Duke Ernest's, their identity is definitely Lady Sophia and her daughter.

When Duke Ernest makes his entrance into the hall with Lady Rose and his youngest daughter, the guests can see that Lady Sophia doesn't get affected. Like everything is fine.

This truly dissapointed them. Because most of the guests like drama and are waiting for any new gossip to entertain them.

After the announcement of Duke Ernest's daughter's name, suddenly a commotion occurs. Ruca Ciara, the eldest unloved daughter, collapsed.

'Finally some new gossip.. hehe' The guests smirked.

The next day, there are rumours spreading around involving Lady Sophia's daughter.

'Ruca Ciara purposely fainted in her little sister's ceremony so she can steal her limelight'.
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    《Reborn Into an Otome Game as a Love Rival!》