Reincarnated As A Better Me!
1 Chapter One |I Must Be Trippin“|
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Reincarnated As A Better Me!
Author :Chris_Grimmster
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1 Chapter One |I Must Be Trippin“|

Location: Fort Leonard Wood, Missouri.

Time: 3:56pm

Date: November 14, 2014

<Drill Sargeant Gibbons> "Good evening privates, as of today you are now part of the one percent, people who chose to defend their country, now I know exactly what your thinking. What the hell did I get myself into? You are right to question your decision this is hell privates, welcome to your Basic Training."

This is where everything begins for me at least that's what I thought, I enlisted in the army after taking the test the second time around I had failed the first time, the psychology test was confusing for me to say the least and had to wait six months to try again. When I passed I couldn't be happier, and the thing is I know exactly what I got myself into. But I need this, I need to turn my life around.

I was finally where I was supposed to I thought, my life is now what I always wanted I have money and zero worries I've made a connection with my battle buddies and think I'm gonna be okay for now.

'For now' was the right way of thinking shortly after Basic Training and AIT I finally graduated and went to my unit, my MOS was 88M a transportation unit first couple of years was alright but I should've gone active, Army Reserves wasn't all that for me many people got what they wanted and persevered made a future for themselves, they reached their goals and we're now chasing for new ones...

Sad, I was sad, I really thought I could push through it and reach new heights, but no I sunk into quicksand so fast it was impossible to tell when it happened exactly...

I'm twenty-four years old, I am married to the most wonderful woman I have ever met, I met her when I was 21....

Long story short, I practically ruined her life, maybe someday I'll write a book about her and me.... She saved me when I was about to give up on life.

But at the end of the day I couldn't even keep her, she left me for her ex boyfriend, shit nothing I gain stays forever. But it was all because of the choices I made they led me here, to the last day....

I can't help it, I don't have anything left, this life sucks, if only there was a way for me to go back, a second chance, I don't remember when I screwed up so much that I lost vision of my own future but if I could go back to that day maybe just maybe I can make it, and make better choices.

But that's impossible, this isn't an anime or manga I can't just ask God for something like that, because there are people that deserve it way more than I do. But I'm tired.... I'm really fucking tired. And right now looking down the bridge I'm standing on I can see the easy way out and this might just end, miserable, fucking miserable life.

Fuck why am I shaking? Just one leap... Come on!!!! Fucking jump. Am I a coward? I'm a fucking coward.....

I can't do it.


But it seemed like God had other plans as I stepped down from the edge and into the road I didn't expect anyone driving by at this hour, two cars were racing or it looked like it, but they were actually shooting at each other, and like all my life I was too slow to react when I finally jumped to the ground I hadn't noticed but... It seems like I got shot...

There was a bright light and a weird noise. Like a school bell.... Someone was moving me like they were trying to wake me up.

<Girl> "Xion, dammit wake up, don't be an asshole class is over."

As I opened my eyes and slowly raised my head the light in the room was almost blinding, but all of a sudden I noticed something I couldn't yet comprehend, the light in the room finally adjusted, I was inside a classroom but that wasn't the weirdest thing, this classroom, is my homeroom from when I was a kid, when I looked at the girl that was waking me up I saw somebody I thought I would never see again....

<Mrs. Beltran> "Hey you need to move, it's snack time. I don't know you that well but should you really be sleeping in class? It's your first day at school for God's sake was my first day speech that boring."

What the fuck? What the fuck?! What the fuck?!!!

<Mrs. Beltran> "Seriously, go out and eat something, do you have any money?"

My history teacher from the Eighth Grade, so I'm all the way back here, that means everything I accomplished in my past life....


<Xion> "Sorry professor I'll be going now!"

<Mrs. Beltran> "Professor?... Anyway just go!"

As I stand up I noticed that I'm actually a bit smaller than I was at the end of my previous life. As I walked out the classroom it led to a small hallway, to my left there is a small door like gate and to my right on the other wall there is another classroom if I'm right this is where the eleventh graders used to hangout.... And if I walk to the end of the hallway to my right there was the entrance to the locker hall a huge hall. This is the first day of class, so that means she hadn't arrived yet, and the guys from my homeroom are outside at the lunch facilities or at the food store.

All the people here, we actually had a good run but like all of the people in my life we went separate ways, some took a turn that fucked everything and there were others that weren't even able to handle life and turned to being gangsters and ended up in prison or worse... Like I did.

<Kael> "Hey you okay bro?"

This guy I totally forgot he was here, he had left the school because it was hard for him he was really smart, but the barrier was that we both were Latinos and he had a hard time with English and had to leave....

<Xion> "Hey you okay?"

<Kael> "Yeah just trying to get a handle on the new school, it's hard and I really think it's not for me, I'm gonna talk with Dad about it, I think it's best if I go back to my hometown and my old school."

He is my childhood friend his older than me by two months, he was born on April 08 1994, and I was born on June 06 1994. In the future we had our differences but he never left me alone even to the end maybe I can make it up to him here and now, this is one of the things I should fix.

<Xion> "I understand man, but don't worry, your gonna do great doesn't really matter where you go, you have a pretty big future ahead..."

What the hell, my head is spinning is it because of the stress? No I've felt stress before, this is stronger damn...

<Kael> "You okay man?"

<Xion> "Yeah I just have to go to the bathroom for a bit wait for me okay?"

'I had to get away everything is spinning, shit where the hell was the bathroom again?'

I looked around and finally remembered it's in between those lockers, I never really liked going to the bathroom in school and so I never really saw the bathroom here.... This is the first change of the history of my life. I walked to the hallway trying to act normal ignoring the massive pain in my head it's like it's gonna go boom!! Damn... And so I entered the door to my left.... And looked at myself in the mirror.... My eyes, what the hell? Their changing color am I going blind? Their turning grey...

And that's when it happened a weird message appeared in front of me.

|Inbox\Two Unread Messages|

What? What is this?... All of a sudden someone barged through the door, so I panicked I freaked out what if they see this? Their gonna think I'm a freak... Damn! What a start...

<Noelia> "Hey, dude, why are in the girls bathroom?"

<Xion> "Girls...Bathroom?"

<Noelia> "Yeah can't you read?"

I know her she's in my class, I think her name was Noelia, she left about a month or two before graduation, most people started rumors that she got pregnant or that she was sick nobody really knew, and those who did, pretty much didn't talk....

<Noelia> "Are you seriously spacing out? Get out!!!!"

<Xion> "I'm sorry I didn't see the sign please excuse me..."

I walked out the door where she was standing, she kept staring at me but her face shifted from angry to worried, but even so she closed the door and didn't say another word, I wonder, I never talked to her in my past life, can I maybe change that too?

<Kael> "Hey dude, class is about to begin, you coming?"

<Xion> "Yeah, Lets go..."

Little did I know that behind those doors she was reacting to everything even worse than me...

'Damn I didn't get to eat at break'

<Mrs. Rivera> "Welcome to math class kids, as this is your first day of school we will be going through our class rules and instructions as you know..."

Mrs. Rivera, back in the day she was the hottest teacher I had seen I saw her a few times after finishing school, I couldn't believe she stayed looking so dang good.... Well actually I am back in the day, also I was really bad at math if I remember correctly I couldn't even pay attention, I was pretty bad at everything really I still can't believe I went to a prestigious college after graduating high school, I was so lucky, then again I never really finished.

<Mrs. Rivera> "So now let's get to the introductions let's start from the left end row all the way to the right row please tell us your name, place where you live, age and your goals for the year."

I was pretty shy, always wishing something happened before it was my turn like the school collapsing or a fire breaking out some shit like that, but I learned that even when something gets interrupted I always ended up finishing what I started.

<Omar> "Good morning my name is Omar Candelario, I live in Guayama, I am fourteen years old and my goal is to pass this school year and go to the baseball Nationals."

Omar huh what a throw back, he was at my last school too, from kindergarten all the way to the sixth grade and then he moved to this school, we used to be pretty close but obviously he made new friends here, I just came to this school just like Kael, but this guy Omar he is really popular, always dressing well, expensive perfume and that gold necklace he never came to school without it, haha he was nice. He was tall and looked fat, but he had a pretty sturdy body, I guess it's because of training for the baseball little leagues his in, but I never really played any sports non that stuck really.

<Ninoshka> "Hello my name is Ninoshka, I live in Guayama, I am thirteen years old and my goal this year is to make friends."

Ninoshka huh? I never really talked to her maybe a couple of times, but she is remarkable she has all the good stuff, smart, athletic, very nice looking and dedicated. She had features that she could only bring out in such an extravagant way.... But I never really connected with her.... I never really knew her.

<Crystal> "I'm Crystal, I live in Guayama and I'm fourteen years old... Don't really have a goal."

Crystal, that beautiful blonde hair and blue eyes beautiful I saw her Facebook page once or twice in the future and we even spoke once in a while, even that stopped when we graduated high school although we didn't graduate from the same high school because I ended up leaving after this one year.... Shame too, she really is beautiful tall, and her neck was tall too we used to call her the giraffe I guess that has to change too.

<Jay> "My name's is Jay, I'm from Ponce, I'm fourteen years old and my goal is to find a girlfriend... Any of you available?"

Everybody starts laughing and the teacher scolds him, not that weird, Jay wasn't a bad person he just had everything he wanted already he didn't really had to go to school since his dad owned one of the biggest Grocery Stores on the island, I guess you could say he was the rich kid, he was the first guy to make me feel adrenaline my mother and father are divorced right now so they have different rules for me but one that both of them agreed on was that I really shouldn't drink energy drink well this guy let me drink my first it felt like I was a rebel haha good times. All cool and slick with his blonde hair and greens eyes, also that ass not bad at all either.

<Noelia> "My name is...."

Damn she froze.... The people here won't judge her but there is always one dick that likes to fuck up other people....

She looks right at me, and I nod in approval signaling that she shouldn't be scared I mean damn I'm scared too.... But don't worry, your okay... She took a big breath and finally...

<Noelia> "My name is Noelia, I'm from Ponce too, I am fifteen years old and my goal is to fit in as much as I can."

That's right be strong, your gonna be okay. She actually looked at me and smiled, another change for the book of my life.

After other introduction it was finally my turn....

<Xion> "My name is Xion, I am from Guayama, I am fourteen years old, and my goal is to make everything better."

<Mrs. Rivera> "Very good Xion, and the rest too, I am proud of you and thank you for sharing your information, now I will pass some index cards, there might not be enough if so I will bring more tomorrow please make sure to note your emergency contacts and any allergies you might have or medicine you might need like insulin or any other special cases. Make sure to be honest."

And so that was the end of my second class she gave us a chance to get to know each other but before that, I need to use this break to check this message ....

|Inbox\Two Unread Messages|

If this is like a game kind of thing all I have to do is say, well not say cause people might think I'm crazy talking to myself, better like think...

'Open Inbox'

And there it is...

Dear Xion,

This is a message from <System> welcome to your second chance, you were chosen because you accomplished the requirements for this chance and are now having the opportunity to change your history, remember to appreciate this and we have also given you a system that explains your stats, leveling up and other interesting and incredible things to help you have a better life.

Are you serious this is like everything I ever wished for... Wait there is another message....

Dear Xion,

Hello there, this is a message that may be a little weird, I have taken a liking to you, after everything you went through in life you didn't give up even though you had a chance to, you chose to press on and unfortunately got killed anyway, I'm very proud of you, I hope you can really have a good run this time around I have modified certain things to your liking and wish for you to have an amazing life I'll be sending messages daily to you so you can tell me how things are going even though I will be watching from time to time, you have the chance to become everything you ever wanted have skills and abilities like those that you used to dream of when you watched your TV shows and played your games I just really hope that you can truly understand that you have all the power you ever wanted at your fingertips, change your life, change your history turn pain into love and hate into more love take care of those you love you now have everything you need...

Love, God.

P.S do check out the dungeons I got creative with them and only you or those you think highly off can enter be sure to protect those you take in...

Wait what? Ha ha really? Is this for real? I always had faith but for you to give me this.... Thank you for the ability and the chance to make everything better....

Do you wish for the tutorial?

Yes or No

Maybe I should leave this for after school if I am not mistaken after this there's English class and we're done for the day tomorrow there will be a different set of classes....

<Omar> "Hey your Xion right? It's been a long time brother, I never thought I'd see you here in this type of school?"

I remember this, this where I started going wrong with the lies, trying to become someone I'm not. Well that's going to change no more of that bullshit it's time to be truthful and make the best choices for this second chance I was given.

<Xion> "It's personal, so I'm sorry I can't really talk about it."

The truth is at my last school I was really unpopular so the other kids used to pick on me one day one of them went too far and called my mother a hoe, I let my anger get the best of me and planted the kids face to the wall of a little basketball court that was at the school, I hit him as hard as I could but I didn't have the strength to really do damage, after that I had to apologize but they threw me out of school anyway and so my mother changed me and my sister to this new one.... Not that it was for too long....

<Omar> "Alright no need to be so uptight about it, I'm sorry though, hope you like this school bud."

He was always nice but I always thought he was too nosey he also liked to throw more fire into situations that were already burning hot. Because of him I fought one of my friends and like always ended up crying and losing. But a couple of years after this I learned to not cry because there were tough choices where I couldn't escape without getting beat or beating the other person.

<Xion> "It's okay thanks for worrying anyway, it's been a really long time, I'm glad to see your doing fine."

<Omar> "Yeah no doubt, no doubt. Anyways it's about time to move to the next class, so anyways.... Have a good year yeah?"

He left without saying another word a bit uncomfortable if you ask me. And not too much time later the bell rang and it was about time to move to my next class....

As I walked out the door I saw all the seniors and other class guys walking to their lockers if I remember correctly my locker was the one next to the bathroom hallway all the way down.... As I opened it I remembered something, how poor my family was, it wasn't really their fault my mother was always working, that's the only reason she could put me in a private school and although things were tough, she always put us first without thinking of herself and that ended up making her lose her mind.

I picked my English Literature book a small purple colored book with a hardcover... Nostalgic because I loved the stories in this book... Time to go to English class then.

<Mrs. Bruny> "Hello children and good afternoon before we start our first half of the class I want to take the time to welcome you, I will be your English teacher this time around and I really hope you can keep up. There will be a lot of homework so make sure to not lack behind I will not accept tardy homework."

Mrs. Bruny if I'm not mistaken she moves to teach at the high school I'm going to after this. She is a small old woman though her appearance didn't do her justice she was strong and independent just like the British. I always thought she was English.

<Mrs. Bruny> "That's it for the first half the bell should ring soon for lunch and after that one more hour here and it's time for you to go home so make sure to eat well and finish up before one if your not done by then do not even think of coming into my class."

As rough as always can't help but smile at her attitude.

Lunch time... At this break you can see people lining up at the school cafeteria which is where the free food is at and at the food shop where you can buy food to your liking right now in my pocket I have just two dollars, in my past life I hated eating at the cafeteria but now, well you know it's free food.... The line was short since most people went and bought sandwiches and other beverages at the store instead of coming here, fools, they should save their money. Kids they never learn do they.... Not that I was any different.

I got my food on a mettalic platter there was rice, beans, chicken and milk it's been so long since I've eaten that I have forgotten what food tastes like.... But this is good.... As I eat I can't stop myself it's like I'm choking but I'm so happy that I'm crying so fuck it if I die.... All of a sudden someone sits across from me.... My sister....

<Luna> "Hey can I sit here? It's weird to sit with other people..."

Honestly I have never had any problems with my sister but, she never tried to help me in the future, I was there for her every step of the way from the moment she said she was into girls and not boys which isn't too far from now even until she tried to get with a girl and I helped her. I was happy that she was happy but after she started going out with that girl she threw me to the side.... Maybe that can change too in a good way I mean.

<Xion> "Sure why not? How has your first day been?"

<Luna> "Fine? I guess? Actually, no, it feels weird, but I have no other choice but to push through right? For Mom and grandma's sake."

She wasn't really raised along side me, she was always grandma's girl so even though she partially lived with us she was actually always at my grandmother's and at the end it wasn't even considered shared custody she started hating my mom for judging her and moved with my grandma. But my mom did not judge her really she just felt it that way because she thought everyone would turn against her.... It was hard for Mom but not enough to judge.

<Xion> "I see, but don't worry you'll be okay, I have your back you are my sister you know."

<Luna> "Thanks Xion."

Her words, were so kind at this time I could feel the change it's weird to see this side of her again then again I can't lose this chance. As we ate and talked a bit time passed pretty quick I hadn't noticed and was almost late to class. As soon as I reached the classroom everybody was there already I sat down took my book out and attended the class until it was over.... The day was finally over and it was time to wait to be picked up...

As I walked outside Kael spotted me and called me over.

<Kael> "So you going home?"

<Xion> "No I'm pretty sure my grandmother is gonna pick me up mom is probably working."

<Kael> "Right well, I'll see you when you get to your house than."

Oh yeah I forgot to mention Kael's father lives right next to me although his mother has total custody of him they get along and he gets to decide where he wants to be so because I am over here he used to stay at his father's just hang out with me....

He than left, and so did I my grandmother was waiting for me at the other side of the parking lot since my sister didn't like to get picked up in front of school... But before I reached the car I looked the uphill road to my left, when I was an adult and married I lived behind this school but everything is very different I guess I must be trippin'.


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