Reincarnated As A Better Me!
2 Chapter Two |Take Good Care Of You|
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Reincarnated As A Better Me!
Author :Chris_Grimmster
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2 Chapter Two |Take Good Care Of You|

Location : Grandmother's house, Guayama

Time: 3:30

Date:  August 17, 2008

As soon as we got to my grandmother's house I looked around I entered through the good old double aluminum doors at front and saw everything just like when I was a kid I could even smell the food, grandma's food was always perfect, I'm even seeing the old furniture and the house in the future was so different from this one I can't help but feel a faint pain in my heart cause I could here the voice of my great grandmother.

And also my cousin was here Dante Joshua, he grew up into such a badass but seeing him now, as a kid with that mushroom style haircut, it's funny and nostalgic, his brother Leon Joshua was my best friend in my past life we both joined gangs at a young age, it was a bad choice but one I have a feeling I will have to take again, there were many things I would've wanted to do differently....

<Grandma> "Hey Xion, come eat!"

<Xion> "Be right there Gran."

I also have to do the tutorial My mom doesn't pick me up until six or so, so I should totally get on that as soon as possible. After eating of course.

<Xion> "What did you make Gran."

<Grandma> "Some tuna salad with extra mayo and white rice here's your share have a good meal sweetie."

My grandma turned into a mean woman, times were hard though and I was like a leech, I sucked and when I noticed what I was doing wrong it was a bit too late to make good with her, this time I promise I will not make anybody suffer.

I finished eating and so did my sister, I always thought it was weird for her to only use plastic utensils but in the future I understood why she is sort of a germaphobic and for good reason. She always tried to act so mature and to teach without actually lecturing, but I can't eat with plastic utensils there way too small for me since I like taking big bites.

<Xion> "Hey sis have a nice nap."

<Luna> "Thanks."

I also remember that, Everytime we got home she changed and turned into an antisocial person. It's sad I know the reason she is so depressed our parents divorce has been so hard on us, but I've changed I know both sides and the truth about everything, my dad is a total a-hole' I fought him a couple of times but he was too strong and abusive and controlling even though I tried defending myself he overpowered me I was a kid for fuck sakes.

<Grandma> "Hey Xion, Is something wrong with your sister?"

<Xion> "Kind of, she has a lot on her mind and the new school thing is putting a bit of stress on her."

My Grandma is more of a mother to my sister than anyone, they trust each other even in the future their inseparable. It made things harder for Mom she always felt unwanted because of that, and that is a big part of the reason my mother was driven to her insanity even though I was the one who pushed her to the ledge and let her fall because like always I noticed too late.

<Xion> "Anyways Gran I'll be on the back porch, by the way, where's Abuelo?"

<Grandma> "He is at church, don't worry  he will be back soon."

My Grandfather is a great man, but he is way too into religion, and people sometimes think his a fanatic, but I always knew why he was so passionate about it, God saved his life, just like he saved mine. You can say my Gramps was given a second chance of sorts he didn't use to be like he is now, and although he gets better and better he also ends up in a depressed state.

<Xion> "Alright let me know when he gets home."

As I walked to the back porch which we call a Terraza there was a hammock and a big sit that swings and also another big sit the normal kind which one should I pick? Obviously the hammock right? And so I sat and took my shoes off and laid back watching the sun rays coming in through the small halls on the Terrace a wonderful feeling. Now to deal with this...

Do you wish to do the tutorial?


Hard to say no it's a gift from God.

<Xion> "Yes."

Status Window:

Name: Xion Q.

Title: None

Level 4

Health 10

Mana 10

Stamina 10

NXT Level 200

Current Exp 0

STR - 8

AGI - 7

VIT - 9

INT - 4

CHR - 11

WIS - 25

LCK - 1

Skill Points 0

Damn I'm so weak even though I really tried my best to train during the summer before I started at this new school how weak was I before that? I remember training with my little brother, sister and cousin this is so weird.... And it seems like I can level up at any time, good.

'What is this?'


Special Inventory:


It seems like the inventory is decided in sections I bet there is a section for weapons, armor, clothing etc... But what does the Special Inventory have? I would love to see a description of it but it doesn't seem to have any I guess I'll find out when it's time...


What? No fucking way! It has a shop?










Is this for real? I can even buy skills? This is an unexpected development, having a shop as is amazing but to have so many choices let's see if I can access some....


Level Requirement Not Met!

Well okay, it looks like I have to raise my level to access most of them but it seems the Skill window opens.



Enhanced EXP Gain Lv.1- Raises the Exp received from daily quests or normal quests by 30% this skill levels up with the user. So every time the user gains one level the skill does too.

Price: 20$

Enhanced Conversation Lv.1 - Raises the CHR ability by 12% this is a skill that helps the user convince or to talk his way through many dangers or other things.

Price: 20$

Skill Book Absorption Lv.1 - Give the user the ability to absorb skills implanted on skill books depending on the rarity of the book and the level of the skill.

Price: 40$

Body Armor Lv.1 - Gives the user hardened skin which becomes harder to penetrate as the level of the skill goes up, the skill enables the skin to feel normal even though when attacked the skin can become harder than diamond. Raises Physical Damage Reduction by 20% per level.

Price: 40$

Eagle Eye Lv.1 - Gives the user the ability to have far sight this skill is prone to evolution raises vision by 20% per level.

Price: 45$,

There a thousand pages for skills the prices go up as I keep going but it seems like I need money and there is zero chance of that working out I only have the two dollars I saved from not having to buy lunch at school and yet I need to save up. But this might also help.

Daily Quests:

Help Grandmother - Help Grandma by shredding the work papers.

EXP Rewarded 400

Money Rewarded 40$

Clean Dishes - Help Mom by cleaning the dishes from last night's meal. Make sure to not leave any spots, because the reward will lower I'd you do.

EXP Rewarded 150

Money Rewarded 10$

Finish Your Homework - Make sure to finish your homework when you get home, make sure to do it before going to sleep if this particular Daily Quest is not finished by 9pm there will be a penalty.

EXP Rewarded 2000

Money Rewarded 350$

This daily quests seem a bit out there but pretty easy to complete. And the rewards are more than worth it it seems like God really wants me to do good this time around. That makes me extremely happy and now I can relax because things will get better now. Maybe I'll even learn how to save money this time around. Goals right? Can't call them dreams anymore.

<Luna> "Hey Xion, Grandad Is home!"

<Xion> "Right!"

Finally I get to see him and after this I'll ask Gran to let me do the shredding.

<Grandfather> "Hey Xion, How are you doing kiddo?"

<Xion> "A bit worried about my future but hey like you always tell me God is always there right?"

<Grandfather> "Exactly so make sure to take care of your mother and make sure to do well at school this time."

He was always the one who loved mom the most he worried for us more than anyone. My Grandma didn't fall behind they even did things they would never normally do for their daughters, my Aunt had the same luck as my Mom she had someone like me born into her household, me and Leon were always hanging out he always understood me like nobody else could. But I even failed him....

<Xion> "Gran let me help you with the shredding, I wanna experience what working is all about!"

<Grandmother> "Well okay the trash bags our out in the back Terrace make sure you shred them as small as possible nobody can see the confidential information there."

<Xion> "Alright!"

<Dante> "Hey Xion can I help?"

My cousins Dante and I ended up liking a lot of the same things but we ended up going are separate ways because our differences were much much bigger.

<Xion> "Sure let's go!"

But that doesn't mean I don't love him, family is family and despite being separated for so long and having our differences we had each other's back in the moments it most mattered, he helped me out when I was stuck and even though I couldn't really make it up to him and disappointed him he still kept looking out for me. That's what family is supposed to be.

<Xion> "So how was school cous?"

<Dante> "It was okay I guess, I just don't feel great there!"

<Xion> "Why's that?"

<Dante> "The kids there make fun of me because of my stutter."

Dante, you don't know how much better you get, but it is a fact that he was born with Speaking Disabilities, but still he practices so much, and my Aunt is always getting him the best therapy there is, she loves her kids and is always giving them even more than they deserve at times. My uncle on the other hand the guy who married my Aunt which by the way is my Mom's sister is prick just like my dad I learned from their mistakes but still I maybe took it too hard and ended up being made a fool by many of the girls and women I dated. Thing is my Uncle was actually a bit coocoo on the head he ends up leaving and trying to take everything away from his own kids.

<Xion> "If they keep bothering you let me know, I'll try and help you out if your okay with it."

<Dante> "Yeah, thanks, I just hope I don't end up disappointing mother she doesn't deserve that."

Always looking out for his mother, he changed a bit the last time I saw him but I guess the change could be justified.

<Xion> "You won't your gonna be able to make her even more proud than what you could've have imagined!"

<Dante> "You think so?"

<Xion> "I'm sure of it!"

And so we ended our conversation at that and started shredding the papers everywhere, we had a bit of fun played around here and there and finally finished in time.

Time: 5:30pm


om should be here any minute now, I should shower before she's here. Haven't seen here since I came back, even back then I wasn't able to see her much.

<Xion> "Hey Gran, I'm gonna take a shower if that's okay with you!"

<Grandmother> "What has gotten into you? You used to be like a caveman, it seems this school is having an effect on you, hope it's for the good."

<Xion> "Trust me Gran It is!"

As I smiled at her she kindly returned to work she never really cared for me I thought sometimes, she was always acting so different with me every other person she treated differently from me like I was a just an eyesore, but Grandad on the other hand actually found we had lots in common, maybe someday I'll get to cherish even more moments with him.

Haha this bathroom is so different from what I remember I totally forgot how it used to look they still haven't even changed the tiles but still the smell in here is still amazing, which it is weird since it's a bathroom although in my past life I learned that the bathroom should be the cleanest room.

I take my school uniform off which by the way I think the pants might need some adjusting, I get in the shower and look up at the water the comes through the showerhead if I remember correctly it has a few modes and I have always loved how the big circle rainfall mode used to feel on my sling like it was massaging my whole body, and the best thing about showering at Gran's house was the hot water wow how I missed this, during my last day of my past life I had already spent more than two months without being able to shower it sucked.

<Grandmother> "Hey Xion hurry up your mother is here."

<Xion> "Alright Gran I'll be out in a sec!"

As I got out of the shower and stepped in front of the door to grab the towel so I could dry myself I then turned to my left a bit ending up in front of the hand washer which hanging on top of it was a mirror with golden edges even though it was covered with humidity I could see part of my reflection as I cleaned the mirror I took a close look at my face and couldn't believe how young I looked, but my eyes are different, their grey....

I got dressed and stepped out. Mom was waiting outside so I walked out after grabbing my things and finally got to see her, she looks so young, so beautiful, words won't even come out of my mouth.

<Mom> "Hey baby you ready to go home?"

<Xion> "Yeah can't wait."

<Mom> "Than come on your brother and sister are already in the car."

As I walked over I heard Mom talking to Gran she looked rather stressed not that it was any different but I'll make sure to change it.

Like always my sister didn't even have to call shotgun to sit in the front passengers sit, and my little brother was in the car sit which was in smack in the middle of the back row.

<Xion> "Hey Luna, do you know what's wrong with Mom?"

<Luna> "Why do you care?"

<Xion> "Because she's our mother."

<Luna> "Xion your just a child you don't have to bother with the adults, I'll take care of mom you just be the annoying kid that you've always been."

See what I mean by a change? Total bitch right? But she has her reasons. That's why I don't judge. As soon as my grandmother closes the door Mom gets in the car, I've always liked this car a Jeep Cherokee 4x4 the cube looking one. I was the one that ended up destroying it... Not very nice if me.

<Mom> "So do you guys want to eat something?"

<Xion> "Mom, I'll cook for you, let's just get home so I can wash the dishes I have to finish my homework too."

<Mom> "What? Do you even know how to cook?"

<Xion> "Yeah I've been practicing!"

<Mom> "Okay baby! Let's go home then!"

With this I can help mom save her money and it also helps her with the stress of having to leave us home alone because if the food or anything else I need to make her relax. Also there are the daily quests so I have to get home and do my HW while I juggle everything else. I was a fairly good cook before so I'm pretty sure I can do this.

As soon as my Mom opened the garage door to get the Jeep inside I was immersed in the moment I couldn't help but feel my heart's pulsation rising, in my past life after everything I did getting on trouble on streets someone entered my house and burned the whole garage, when it happened I was still in bad shape from the outcome of what I had done and my mind wasn't in the best place I did something that I don't regret to this day, soon after my graduation of the eighth grade I'll have relive all of that again. I'm scared and excited at the same time, because back then I didn't have this gift, I'm special now.

As soon as we enter the house to the sliding door that led to the dining room and kitchen I saw the old furniture that ended up being my bed when Mom but the brand new ones, I hope I can help this time.

Time: 7:00pm

So its seven o'clock I guess it's time to start doing everything, as soon as we got here my sister practically ran to her room and closed the door with the lock and everything she has always been like that, my brother sat in Mom's bed so that she could help him with his homework he wasn't very smart in my past life he actually failed every class but somehow managed to pull through although he was still living here when I died, he was also there for me.

As I walked to the kitchen I saw Mom taking out the meat from the fridge it was a bag of Great Value drum sticks we didn't have much money to buy the premium type but I gotta tell you it's not the product it's the chef I had my ways with the chicken not that I'm bragging or anything. For some reason she automatically started cooking so I walked over and touched her shoulder, she was about my size and I am 5'4" as of now she has always been small, with time and depression she ended up gaining weight and lost the ability to walk thoroughly last time I saw her my stepfather was helping her get it back they made a lot of progress too.

<Xion> "Mom I told you I'm gonna cook, and I'll help Ares with his homework too."

<Mom> "How can you do all that your just a kid!!!"

She's angry, I understand it wasn't long ago that I was the screw up, my Gran used to call me 'The Problem Child' she wasn't wrong.... At all but now it's different I've been through hell, but I've learned and it's time to change my ways and say the right words and do things the right way. So I grabbed her shoulder with my two hands and started massaging her.

<Xion> "You feel this? This are the hands that'll be helping you relieve your stress I'm your son and so I have to do the best I can so that in the future you don't have to work so hard, let me help you, and no I don't want anything from you, your doing enough."


Skill 'Godly Massage Lv.1' acquired.

Relieves 'Fatigue' by 60%

Levels up by use

A skill that soothes the souls of a target making it relax proportionally it is derived from 'Legendary Massage'.

User has acquired skill through action and proper talent.

Hoo so all the massages I gave back in the day turned out to be useful thank God, literally wait this means I can actually acquire skills by doing them. So if I cook, I'll probably get a skill but first off I have to clean the stock pile of dishes in the dishwasher.

<Mom> "Thank you Xion, that was amazing I didn't know you had such a talent."

<Xion> "Trust me Mom this is nothing."

<Mom> "I'm going to shower so do your best baby!"

As she left, I quickly started washing the dishes and after finishing my first one it actually happened.


Skill 'Dishwashing Learner's Permit' acquired.

Helps the user attack 12% more spots of dirt on plates than usual.

Skill level acquired because of the users poor talent at washing dishes.

Well fuck! I couldn't get good at everything, I had other things in my mind.

After finishing the dishes I cleaned the sink and the counter where the water flooded to, damn I suck at this, afterwards I started making the food...

First I did what I learned in my past life so I could quickly defrost the meat I'm not saying it's the best option but I got very good at timing it so I put seven from the twelve pieces of drumstick in a plate and inserted them inside the microwave and set the timer to two minutes, I know I know there's an option for defrosting but this is the fastest way in my past life Lilith always wanted the food done when she got home so I started to cook at a time where the food would still be hot by the time she got home from work.


Skill 'Lazy Tactics Lv. Max' acquired.

There is a 100% chance that making up strategies or tactics the easy way will get the results the user expects.

What the fuck? Is this for real? Haha.

And so while that defrosts I fill the cauldron with water drop a bit of Canola Oil and let it boil with the stove ring set to six, afterwards I pour the rice into a bowl to clean it and while I cleaned it the defrosting had finished since the water isn't boiling enough yet I guess I'll have to season the chicken, a little 'Sazon' here 'Adobo' there a bit of pepper and a bit of powdered garlic. I then set a big pan on the stove and pour enough oil to cover half of the pan on other words I plan to deepfry this bitch. I turn up that stove ring to 6 too so the oil heats up as fast as possible and while that heats up I check the water from the cauldron and since the bubbles are there meaning is boiling enough I pour some salt and with a spoon mix it with the water slowly by maneuvering the spoon up and down slowly and I pour the correct amount of rice enough to be able to see it but not letting it completely go above the water level. I put the lid on the cauldron and set it to four.

Now I let it cook and check on it every ten to twenty minutes, now for the chicken it seems like the oil is hot enough time to slowly insert the chicken the pan was big enough to put in all of it.

After all this I take a smaller cauldron than the one I used for the rice and pour a little bit of oil let it boil since the amount is less it'll probably boil faster, I put some 'Sofrito' my Gran made let it cook a bit in the oil pour a bit if 'Goya' tomato sauce just a bit so that the sauce doesn't consume the taste and mix it quickly with the other ingredients, afterwards I pour a can of pink beans and then some water after pouring the correct amount of water I season it, a bit of salt, a bit of sazon and at the end a bit just a tick of garlic. And done....

As I let it cook I start doing my homework or at least looking around the notebook looking over my notes since there isn't really any homework. And watch for the food as mom comes out after forty minutes on the shower the food was ready.

<Mom> "Xion this amazing how the heck did you do all this."

<Xion> "Like I told you I know some stuff."


Skill 'Master Chef' acquired.

The users excellent speed and style of cooking has almost reached its peak. This skill does not level up but by completing various hidden requirements it might evolve.

Food made by the user restores 80% of energy to the targets.

60% possibility of charming the target.

Hehe not bad if I say so myself.....

<Mom> "Thank you for helping your brother with studying or at least letting him know your here for him, I wish your sister could be a bit more like you!"

Those are the words I have longed for my entire life, but...

<Xion> "Don't say that mom we all have our ways of doing stuff even though their not the best most people just learn how to do it their own way, but we all will take care of you, I will always take good care of you."

Tears fell from her eyes, I know she is having a hard time with Dad, and that's okay, but, that asshole won't trick me with his bullshit again. Trash will always be trash.

/////////////////////////////// .   //////////////////////////////

Status Window:

Name: Xion Q.

Title: None

Level 10

Health 55

Mana 10

Stamina 55

NXT Level 900

Current Exp 65

STR - 15

AGI - 20

VIT - 20

INT- 4

CHR - 30

WIS - 25

LCK - 1.5

Skill Points 20

Wallet 390$


Skill 'Godly Massage Lv.1' acquired.

Relieves 'Fatigue' by 60%

Levels up by use

A skill that soothes the souls of a target making it relax proportionally it is derived from 'Legendary Massage'.

User has acquired skill through action and proper talent.


Skill 'Dishwashing Learner's Permit' acquired.

Helps the user attack 12% more spots of dirt on plates than usual.

Skill level acquired because of the users poor talent at washing dishes.


Skill 'Lazy Tactics Lv. Max' acquired.

There is a 100% chance that making up strategies or tactics the easy way will get the results the user expects.


Skill 'Master Chef' acquired.

The users excellent speed and style of cooking has almost reached its peak. This skill does not level up but by completing various hidden requirements it might evolve.

Food made by the user restores 80% of energy to the targets.

60% possibility of charming the target.


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