Reincarnated As A Better Me!
3 Chapter Three |A Moment Of Her Time|
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Reincarnated As A Better Me!
Author :Chris_Grimmster
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3 Chapter Three |A Moment Of Her Time|

Location: Home

Time: 5:00am

Date: August 15, 2008

Beep* Beep* Beep*

Can you believe I even missed that sound? I used to hate waking up in the mornings even more when I had to go to school at one point even my mom stopped trying to wake us up, my sister usually woke up to iron out clothes, I should leave that to her at least since the uniform I put on yesterday wasn't that roughed up.

As soon as I put my feet on the floor I felt the coldness of the night under them. This feeling of getting up early in the morning to have a productive day nothing can beat. Since I'm pretty sure no one is waking up till at least five thirty I should totally get a head start.

I take my towel from the window where it was hanging and my uniform from the hook behind the door. The blue pants and white polo shirt with the school logo on the chest. There was also that jacket, dark blue jacket with two white stripes on each arm I used to hate wearing that jacket even though Mom worked so hard to buy it for us, and I know for a fact that I'm gonna have to wear it to homeroom because today we have history class with Mrs. Beltran and the classroom is ice cold. So I set the jacket on my bed, pick some fresh underwear and get into the bathroom.

My mom redecorated the whole thing in the future, but seeing like this it reminds me of the first time I moved in the feeling of a new house, an upgrade was amazing in my past life there was no place I felt more comfortable than here. This was the place where I escaped the world.

I wash my face and teeth, and then turn on the showerhead so that I can sit on the toilet and check my status.

Status Window:

Name: Xion Q.

Title: None

Level 10

Health 55

Mana 10

Stamina 55

NXT Level 900

Current Exp 65

STR - 15

AGI - 20

VIT - 20

INT- 4

CHR - 30

WIS - 25

LCK - 1.5

Skill Points 20

Wallet 390$

It seems like my stats went up and now I have 390$ from the daily quests I did yesterday it seems like I got twenty skill points as a bonus for completing all three, before I went to sleep I had overachieved every daily quests and had unlocked some achievements. This is way cool. I have about five minutes to shower so that I can make breakfast so I should really hurry with this. Where should I set my skill points? My lowest stat is LCK which is my luck I guess I can't believe even that can be quantified into a number, but my INT which is for intelligence is at 4 it didn't even go up after leveling up six times. I guess I should invest fifteen on INT and five on LCK.

Status Window:

Name: Xion Q.

Title: None

Level 10

Health 55

Mana 40

Stamina 55

NXT Level 900

Current Exp 65

STR - 15

AGI - 20

VIT - 20

INT- 19

CHR - 30

WIS - 25

LCK - 6.5

Skill Points 00

Wallet 400$

It looks like my Mana went up as soon as I invested on INT, but even if I have Mana it seems like I can't use magic yet. I guess I'll think about it later, I have to shower quickly I have about two minutes left.

And so I showered and got dressed military style as quick as possible as thorough as one can be.

From time to time I used to go running at this time maybe I should pick that back up now if my mom lets me go out in the mornings, that might help my stats go up by a lot.

I walk to the kitchen and look at the wall clock on the living room, it's five fifteen I can hear my sister growling, the beast is arising, I should totally start cooking. I grab the fridge's handle and for some reason it felt lighter. And that's when I noticed I also felt lighter so that stats are really working man oh man I can't even think of how strong I can get all my skills also leveled up this is gonna be pretty amazing ain't it?

<Luna> "Hey what the fuck are you doing?"

<Xion> "Sis, language that's no way to fucking talk to your brother."

<Luna> "He he good morning to you too. But seriously what are you doing."

<Xion> "I'm making breakfast for everyone since they like what I made yesterday also why didn't you eat?"

<Luna> "I wasn't really that hungry, I'm just very anxious about this whole thing, the people at school keep looking at me all weird."

<Xion> "Hey, don't let your mind play games with you, sometimes we make ourselves believe that people are judging us, but their really feeling as nervous as you that's how the kind works, their not judging you but they think your judging them, so be a man and don't be scared of what people might think of you."

<Luna> "Wow! Since when did you become such a mature person, I agree I should be a man and put it out there."

She walked off really hyped about the speech I gave her I bet she's gonna have a nice day. And so I started cooking, mom used to make this legendary sandwiches with fried eggs one Cheese on the bottom one cheese on top bacon and mayo ketchup. Amazing combination made my mouth feel like it was having an orgasm so that's what I'll be making today.

Plates set on the table, sandwiches divided in half and there we go. All set.

<Mom> "Wow, you did this too, I am so grateful for your help Xion, just yesterday you were yelling at me for not making you breakfast."

<Xion> "Well there will be none of that from now on I'll carry my own weight, that's why today I'll be going to the school office and asking for a job."

<Mom> "A job? Why? No! Focus on you studies Xion."

<Xion> "Mom I told you to trust me didn't I?"


Skill Charisma In Motion.

<Mom> "Well I guess we could give it a try, don't you dare drop your grades though if you do there will be no talk of anything for a very long time."

It seems the skill up from yesterday helped I was able to convince her, in my past life she didn't even consider my thoughts as something smart. But now that I'm able to do this I might achieve more than I did before.

<Mom> "Alright let's go kids get in."

As everyone jumped in the Jeep my mom started to drive us to school, the scenery from this time seems so green like the storms that happened in my future haven't even been brought up, I'm so far in the past that I don't have to fear almost anything for now. As we were driven to school I observed everything, the old gas stations, and stores that I never thought I would get to see. And finally school, my sister was already being dropped far from the front of the school and so I walked with her. I said bye to mom and left.

<Xion> "You ready for today?"

<Luna> "Are you?"

<Xion> "Don't answer a question with another question! That's impolite."

<Luna> "Honestly, what you said this morning really pumped me up, so I'm ready to take on this school with all I've got, the thing is..."

<Xion> "The thing is?"

<Luna> "How did you know?"

<Xion> "Know what?"

<Luna> "Don't act stupid Xion, how did you know, I like... Girls?"

I couldn't help but smile this happened a lot sooner than I expected.

<Xion> "Luna, Your my big sister, I have always known."

She was shocked to say the least, but she smiled, a smile I never thought I'd see so soon, she used to smile like that when everyone had finally accepted her. That's a smile I haven't seen in a long time.

<Luna> "Thanks Xion, for not telling anyone, and for not judging me."

She said as she roughed my hair up a bit with her hand.

<Xion> "See you later than good luck in class today."

As soon as we got to the front gate we split up and we each headed to our classrooms.

Before that I saw Kael sitting in the wooden tables at the food store eating a sandwich. There's actually about half an hour before people start getting here so I guess I should join him.

<Xion> "Hey Bro what's sup?

<Kael> "Oh hey Xion, nothing much just waiting for my dad to come out of the principal's office, I'm not staying today, I'm sorry for leaving you alone."

<Xion> "It's okay, like I said, your gonna have a bright future anyway, you have the smarts and the imagination to be great."

<Kael> "Thanks Xion!"

He Sounds so innocent, he turned out to be a womanizer at the end...

<Kael> "There's dad, I guess I'll be seeing you at home."

<Xion> "Yeah, ser you later bro."

His father never liked me from the beginning I was the bad seed, the bad influence always looking for trouble but still Kael turned out alright apart from the whole womanizer thing which is practically because of how he was raised his dad wasn't a bad guy, more like a narcissist but still I will always have Kael's back.

Now that I have sometime for myself why don't I see which skills I should buy....

<Noelia> "Hey, Your name is... Xion right?"

<Xion> "Yeah, your Noelia! You okay?"

<Noelia> "Yeah I'm doing okay, I'm better today."

Getting that from a lot of people today, maybe she got a speech too...

<Noelia> "Are you hungry? I owe you big time for helping me with my nervous breakdown yesterday, I would like to repay you somehow."

Hoo another change for the book of my life, but...

<Xion> "I'll hace to refuse, don't get me wrong it's just that I already ate at home but, you could walk to HR with me! What do you say?"

<Noelia> "Sure."

She said as a beautiful smile spread across her face, she had braces which make her cuter than usual o never really noticed but I think she is one of the most beautiful women I have met.

<Xion> "So your from Ponce right?"

<Noelia> "Yeah, from a barrio over there, it's a pretty harsh place to live with all of the gang killings but I guess better than most!"

I didn't know she lived in a place like that, wish I could've known back when I did the things I did maybe I could've helped her, nah I would've probably made things worse.

<Xion> "I guess your right, in my life I've seen countless deaths, but I have seen happiness too and no matter how little I always appreciate the tiny light that lives in the middle of the darkness."

<Noelia> "Wow! That's deep, but I get you, what's your light?"

<Xion> "People like you!"

As I said that she smiled I could see in her face that she totally misinterpreted I had never in my life been able to talk to her like this so that makes it hard for me to have a conversation go well.

<Xion> "And my family of course."

She seemed a bit disappointed but not discouraged.

<Noelia> "I see, well we're here, say, you think I can sit next to you?"

<Xion> "Sure, why not? But I don't remember who used to sit next to me so you might wanna ask him or her."

<Noelia> "Got you I'll do that."

As we walked in there were a couple of people but not all of them and sitting next to me was, damn, now that's a face I really thought I'd ever see again.

Edwin, we called him Narnia, don't ask why it's a sensitive subject, he was one of my best friends he got killed by a gang leader that used to hate us. Not like envied. This guy, was fucking hilarious always trying to put a smile on people's faces. Kind of a dick sometimes but most of the time hilarious.

In this classroom the rows where different from normal the sits were backed up to a wall and there was another desk in front of that one and so actually Noelia could sit behind me.

<Xion> "Hey Noel, sitio here."

<Noelia> "Noel?!!"

Is she blushing right now?

<Xion> "Sorry was I wrong to call you that?"

<Noelia> "No Not at all I just didn't expect it."

<Narnia> "He he well shit first day and you gals are already dating?"

<Xion> "Don't start jackass!"

<Narnia> "Who you calling a Jackass, you big nosed reindeer."

<Xion> "Hey shut the fuck up or I'll sing along to the Narnia song!"

<Narnia> "How do you know about that? Fine fine whatever just don't."

He said as he just sat there cursing in whispers. Noelia sat behind me in silence, almost too quiet. Her head was face down to the desk, is she okay?

<Xion> "Hey are you okay? Noelia?!"

<Noelia> "Yeah just having butterflies. Nothing to worry about."

Why does she get so nervous?

<Xion> "Relax, I told you already you don't have to be afraid."

She nodded as if understanding and then Mrs. Beltran walked in with smile form side to side.

I looked through the door she came from and saw a shadow, is it really her? So today is the day.

<Mrs. Beltran> "Okay good morning thank you for coming to class, not that you any other choice, today we have a new student she wasn't able to make it the first day so she came today for personal reason, so no prying, come in sweetie and introduce your self.

<Lamia> "Good morning, my name is Lamia Saint, I'm from Guayama, I am fourteen years old, my goal this year is to reach new heights and make good friends."

Lamia, it was her, the girl I fell in love with for the first time; she was the only person that made this school year baereble, even though she ended making it worse not that it was all on her, I also liked about who I really was even though she noticed what I was doing she was still trying to keep the boyfriend and girlfriend 'act' if I had just agreed to her terms. But I never liked being submitted to terms she used to say I was very clingy, I don't disagree. She was beautiful, very white skin though she had a touch of being sun kissed sometimes, long black hair slick all the way to her lower back soft and always smelled like green apple shampoo. Always smelled like the Cotton Candy perfume by Mariah Carey. I got to thinking I loved her, so I asked by best friend from back then J.C to help me out and he ended up taking her away, he was tall, had a very chiseled body and a big white smile, fucking Yankee I know the reason she couldn't resist it had nothing to do with feeling it's more like looks, that's what she wanted.

But I also made errors of judgement, I lied, and I also tried to ruin her friendship with J.C when I noticed I was the bad guy. But no more this time I'm going to try my best to see me how I dreamed later on after losing her.

She walked by and I couldn't help but inhale her scent slowly, as to not be noticed just to see if I still felt like I used to feel, nervous, butterflies and that burning hot sensation I felt when our lips touched. She had a fantastic body not completely skinny more like a bit chubby, normal I guess, we had a falling out after becoming best friends I practically made her runaway.

She sat next to J.C just like before, I remember walking towards her and sitting in the empty sit in front of her during the next break, maybe I should just do the same and see how it goes.

<Mrs. Beltran> "Alright let's begin take out your History text book and go to page 09, if you don't have a book please share with your neighbor."

I didn't have that book, so I moved my desk next Noelia, blocking the front door.

<Mrs. Beltran> "Xion, it's obvious that you can't place your desk there, what if someone has to come in, or go out in an emergency?"

<Xion> "If that happens I promise I'll move fast enough, I swear I can move before the person knocks on the door from outside and if it's inside the room I'll make sure to move before she or he reaches the door!"

Everyone suddenly went quiet the teacher looked at me with this face of 'How Unexpected' I guess I shouldn't have spoken out of place.


Skill CHR has intiated.

<Mrs. Beltran> "Hmm, I don't like the fact that you talked back to me in that tone, but if you say you will be able to handle that than fine, alright, Xion since you like talking back why don't you read what's on the first paragraph out loud?"

Wow that was scary as fuck I almost screwed up. Lucky for the skill CHR I should totally buy the Enchanted version.

And so I read the first paragraph, and for some reason it felt strange I could read in a more speedy fashion, and was able to retain everything in the book. By increasing my INT not only did my Mana increase but so did my ability absorb and understand new things, I have surpassed my past intelligence another change to the book of my life.

Class finished soon after and it was time for the snack break, we got to go out and eat. I still remember her favorite sandwich maybe I'll use that in the conversation I know for a fact she loved the details...

<Xion> "Noelia, I'll have to leave you with Narnia for a second, there's someone I have to talk to, my bad."

I said as I smiled cheeringlly at her after I got up I walked over to Lamia, and sat down across from her, I had the right tools to begin a conversation successfully all I had to do was make contact.

<Xion> "Hi, I'm Xion I'm practically your neighbor from across the street there."

<Lamia> "Okay?"

She answered so coldly, this is gonna be harder than I thought.

<Xion> "I'm sorry I didn't mean to cause you discomfort, I just had one question!"

<Lamia> "It's not a problem, your not causing discomfort, and okay as long as it's nothing too weird."

<Xion> "Actually it might be the weirdest thing you've ever heard, but I just gotta ask..."

<Lamia> "Than okay, yeah, go ahead and shoot."

Always so smuk, the way she talks I mean, she always acts like someones older brother, but is so feminine, total opposite from my sister. In the past asking for her number totally worked here and right now shouldn't be a problem if I remember correctly she gave me a hard time at first, but as we talked we suddenly clicked, so let's go with the flow.

<Xion> "I just wanted to know if I could have your phone number."


Skill CHR initiated.

Skill CHR failed.

<Lamia> "I'm sorry, I just don't know you enough to that, maybe one day when we get to know each other."

And there it is the rejection....

<Xion> "Still Let me at least take you over to the food shop to eat something. It's the least I can do after asking such a weird question!"

<Lamia> "Sure why not?"

As soon as she gets up from the desk I look at her uniform, as spotless as ever, she liked the idea of a clean image it was very weird to se her walking around with a stain or anything like that. Her skirt was also above the knees not too long not too short, just perfect.

<Xion> "Come on, and let me surprise you by buying something and getting the right thing for you."

I wink at her and give her a feel of how confident I am, I used to be such a coward, so much so that I lost a lot of chances that could have turned my life around.

<Lamia> "Hoo very smooth Xion."

So she actually gave me a compliment, as we walk out of the classroom, Narnia, Noelia and even Mrs. Beltran gave me thumbs up and like that we both left the HR as we walked over to the food shop which was outside someone yelled her name, when we turned around it was her brother, Jesse, he was a cool guy I remember that he even enlisted in the Navy, and so did Lamia's future husband Danny. Jesse used to teach me rock music these two were the ones that unlocked the potential of my musical taste.

As they spoke for a bit I checked my wallet inventory.



So I have four hundred dollars that's way more than I had at this age the first time around the most i had was ten dollars. As I extended my hand to touch the number a weird thing happened the message screen looked like a drop of water had fallen inside a pile of water. When I filled extended my hand it disappeared inside and I felt a kind of static and was able to feel the money I was actually able to grab the money physically this is awesome okay let me stick with ten dollars for the week I also have to buy certain skills later on.

<Lamia> "Sorry that's my brother Jesse, he was just telling me about his first day."

<Xion> "It's fine Lets go, before time is over."

I smiled at her and grabbed her hand and practically pulled her along with me. As soon as we got there the line to the front had already disappeared and so we were able to get there quickly I secretly asked for the order and since we still had twenty minutes I asked the lady behind the counter to make it fresh.

That and some fruit punch on the side and I know she'll love it.

While that was being made, I sat down next to her she was looking at her phone I always knew she was locked on the screen but I didn't remember it being this much, I guess I noticed more now, they do say with age comes experience and with experience comes knowledge. WIS which stands for wisdom which comes with the knowledge acquired by age I suppose.

<Xion> "So this is your first year here too?"

I know the answer already but it was a hell of a good conversation starter.

<Lamia> "No I was here lasted year, the year before that I was attending 'International School For The Gifted' in short 'ISG'."

<Xion> "Wow! Seriously? That's a school for rich kids and geniuses! What happened?"

<Lamia> "I had some personal issues, I'm sorry but can you stop asking so many questions? How about I ask some in return?"

He he smart girl, like always, but I know the reason why she actually had to leave the school, her grades started to drop, her mom couldn't afford the school since she had to stop working and she had to transfer here, but she'll be going back next year, but just that year and ends up coming back.

<Xion> "Sure, why not?"

<Lamia> "Why are you so interested in me and my past?"

<Xion> "What better way to get to know the most beautiful girl here? I'm interested cause you have an interesting Aura."

<Lamia> "Aura?"

<Xion> "Yeah, you have a warm feeling to you, like some kind of stomach that just draws me too!"

<Lamia> "Interesting, I've been feeling something similar with you, but for some reasons your eyes show me the truth!"

<Xion> "And what truth might that be?"

I say as I get closer to her, she then slowly closes in to my ear and whispers something...

<Lamia> "That your a bad boy..."

She made it sound excruciating, the world made the center of my body, my gut boil. Was she always like this? She makes me feel a type of pulsation I only felt in my last relationship. But this feeling, wasn't something I shared with her.

<Xion> "Maybe your right but I'm fairly certain, that if you don't get to know me you won't ever know! So how about it? A taste, a glimpse even a small fraction of our desires..."

She suddenly puts her finger in my lips as if signaling for me to not utter another word.

<Lamia> "You should stop, people are staring because we're so close together, this is not a thing we should do at school, don't you think?"

I stood up, got the order and placed it on the table, ignoring her last words as if to act like nothing ever happened. As soon as she opened the sandwich wrapped in aluminum she saw what I ordered and was impressed.

<Lamia> "I am definitely surprised that you knew that I love a good Cuban."

<Xion> "I'm just glad your satisfied."

And just like that ten minutes before the end of the snack break, J.C came walking over with an angry face, he always said Lamia was the ugliest person he had seen a fat ass and shit, but not to me in my eyes she used to be beautiful until she betrayed me to be with him, that's why after I kiss her, one more time. I won't make the same mistake and take her seriously.

<J.C> "Hey guys what are you up to?"

<Lamia> "Hey J.C, nothing much just talking!"

<Xion> "Yeah, Anyways see you both in class later I guess?"

<Lamia> "Wait your leaving?"

<J.C> "Let him leave if he wants to, it's not like his your boyfriend right?".

Smuk ass bitch. I guess this asshole actually had her marked the first day, but she wasn't the only one he also used to date any girl I liked, and here I thought that might be changed if I didn't talk to him again.

After all that I spent lunch with my sister and Noelia who got to know each other pretty well, and the school went by and had homework for Math and English class and was given the dates and projects for the whole school year and that's how we all went home.


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