Rosary Protection
5 Mo u rning Secre
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Rosary Protection
Author :lunaluuuna5
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5 Mo u rning Secre

The next morning when I came to school...

Everything was normal.

As a new student, everyone did notice me, but none looked terrified or surprised, or anything of the sort...

Beel was waiting for me in front of school, we went in school like normal, met up with Dome and Daku. All normal it was almost scary.

Yes, it was scary...

Sloth, was smirking at me, for the whole 2 periods. Beel and Daku noticed it but said nothing, when the bell for lunch rang, right away Beel and Daku stood in front of me to shield me, but Sloth was already next to me.

Dome and I were surprised. I wasnt so much, since well... it was probably about my demon form.

Sloth leaned next to me and hugged me.

I couldn't really fight back. I was scared shell talk. I didnt want my friends to see me as an monster. As someone who has to feed on human flesh and blood to survive.

Deko pushed Sloth away from me, and took me to her side. Sloth was in the next moment just next to me again.

She stared at my new maid friends and, dragged me out of the classroom.

"Sorry. It's for your own good." I looked at her confused, while she looked around and started walking into the wall.

I just followed her without resisting....


The place she brought me too, was a bloody hell.

It smelled of rotten meat, walls were full of brown spots, of the old blood that was splattered there, there were even spots with just put up blood at entrance. There were 7 lockers with the names of sins. They had rings on them. Sloth had number 1, on 2nd place was a person named Warth and the one with number three was called Greed.

I just got glimpse of it. Sloth was hurrying into a room next to the lockers...

There was no surprise.

In the room next to the one with lockers there were 3 people, on the floor, eating.

More like Glutonny and Pride were sucking blood out of a corpse while other one, who looked alot like sloth was eating meat of a dead man.

The worst is that on any of this, did I feel like throwing up, nor feel disgusted.

My stomach was growling in fact. It smelled nice, it was sucking me in!

I felt disgusted of myself!

I gulped down a ball, standing there. Sloth went to the group, and they all turned towards me.

"Guys! This a demi demon from yesturday!" A guy that looked a lot like Sloth, stood up and walked towards me still chewing on the meat from the corpse.

He walked towards me with a stern look. He had the tie with a bloody red color, meaning he was a 3rd year.

I heard Sloth giggle. "This is my older brother Greed. 3rd most dangerous in the school" she was smiling while her brother was getting closer. Then he stopped. Sloth was glaring at him.

After that Sloth lead me to another room and the other three joined.

She gave me bag of blood again.

And I was showed through another wall into the boys bathroom.

After that I just went back to the classroom like I saw nothing. Scene was terrifying but I didnt feel disgusted or scared. Well I did feel disgusted of myself.

Once I came back....

Everyone was looking at me with scared and worried eyes. They didnt come closer they twitched when I moved.

Well of course it would be this way...

I thought to myself and went to my seat.

The bag of blood I was slurping during the class was like caprisun, but with tomato juice layer on it.

Teacher let me eat, since he probably knew.

No matter how much I drank it, it was tasty. Human blood was tasty?

I've really become monster, Even after the debt is paid off, after the curse is lifted. Nor me nor my children will be able to leave.

The friends around me, started at me for the whole time I was slurping on my supper.

When the school ended Beel approached me.

"Hey Pablo. Let's go grab something to eat."

Sloth said I can eat human food but that it would taste like nothing. She said that if I didnt eat any blood before I should throw it up, but I did eat. So I nodded and went away.

Our going out was good. Like normal.

They bought alot of food, alot of sweets.

Sweets felt disgusting, they weren't eatable. Spicy food was impossible to eat too.

Only a lick of it felt painful to my thounge.

Since I felt sick after all that, I went to the bathroom to throw it all up.

I ate normally but drank another bag of blood I got from Sloth. I was in great form again.


For the past 2 weeks I did the same thing everyday.

I would meet with Sloth at the feeding room. Would get my dose for a week and did the same thing again and again....

again and again






and then...

"Pablo... are you ok?"


I collapsed.

I woke up in a hospital.

My three friends over me. Sloth on the other side just sitting, reading a book.

I felt sharp pain in my arm and stomach, and sat up.

I threw up again. Sloth was holding a bucket. She looked annoyed.

"1st thing you do when you wake up is throw up?" Sloth spoke in irritated voice. She put the bucket down and helped me lay down again. "Where am I..." I had almost no voice, my throat felt sour and swollen.

"Bulimia, Anorexia and hunger pains with a serve condition of dehydration. Thursday, January 29th."

Sloth spoke not looking up from her book.


At my eh...

she stood up slamming her book shut. She stood up and leaned over me. "Mr. Genius, you are in a hospital. You were in a God damn comma for a whole week. I know you were a human but throwing up all the blood, are you out of your mind?!"
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    《Rosary Protection》