Story Of My Lover
1 Story Of My Lover
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Story Of My Lover
Author :arifhussain
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1 Story Of My Lover

When the universe sleeps, when nature stops dreaming, there lights up in a city of mountains, A dream about change, mere truth or a fairy tale, chase the dimensions of universe, says, if there was a time where she could live with Angels.

One day an Angel, dropped into this world, somewhere in the east, no sooner she was left alone with a deserted heart but she didn't knew a glance of it, for she was very tiny little girl just came into this world. Eventually, she learns about what she was facing through. But, these things didn't make any difference or sometimes did, as she was blessed with love, care and respect. Her companions never let her loneliness overtake. With times she grew up with that of dream which in times dazzle up the skies.

However, this usually happens with the truth of nature and disappear. Very few, are disabled in this. And very few are blessed with love, care and respect and I fear she does have this.

Today or tomorrow it has to happen.

One day , she faced a very unique face. Well, in love handsome doesn't matter, but she finds him handsome or so. While they engaged, they must be forgotten about the world's rules, they felt it very beautiful and cherishable. They shell took the things in a right way, but it happened ultimately for she was completely hypnotized by his love. But, every time and every creature of this nature has to proof their existence. They experienced, quite similar to that. But, there was mistaken, for she believes to love first to know. But, mistaken!!!.. She finds the guy, a betrayer of true love and maybe she misunderstood. She felt that she has given him much than he deserves. But, for sometimes, she agreed to have some patients. The universe started missing those dreams she became isolated very soon indeed. Perhaps, her imagination didn't match him anymore. Well, time docked them opposite, they hardly accept any suggestions or maybe the end of this Story has came..... However, guy has vanished as he virtually appeared someday back..... He, maybe somewhere does exist hoping things to get right....And in times the dreams started blooming the skies with new hopes and aspirations....

No other story has to be ended happily....This is a vast universe....or maybe they find themselves in a right way and hit again.... Or maybe they don't... But the things will remain the the same, the moments they shared with each other.....But, They must know if their love was true or mere true or entirely wrong.....

Story of my lover...


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