The Boss Behind The Game
156 Fashion Auction
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The Boss Behind The Game
Author :Slashing Blade
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156 Fashion Auction

While the players were on the edges of their seats as the time was approaching, Lu Wu finally granted access to the portal for players to purchase Fashion Shop dragon coins with cash.

The players' top-up orders came rushing at the moment the portal was made available.

If it was not for Lu Wu's battle artifact which was a special server, he believed that his original game server would have crashed a long time ago.

The sum of top-up orders reached a whopping total of 3,000,000,000 dragon coins within an hour. There were almost 6,000,000 players at that point, which meant the top-up amount had not even reached its peak yet. The top-up orders were still rushing in and the top-up total was still rising.

Even Lu Wu was dumbfounded due to the mind-blowing top-up total.

If this continued, he was sure that the top-up total would easily exceed 10,000,000,000 when the Fashion Shop officially launched.

This was the first time Lu Wu realized that making money was as easy as pie.

However, Lu Wu would definitely not disappoint the players' trust toward Battle Online.

Lu Wu issued a notice beforehand to the players who would later ask for refunds of their dragon coins as a result of losing bids. The notice assured that dragon coins could be re-exchanged for cash.

After all, the dragon coins could only be used during the fashion events and they were pretty much useless at other times.

Lu Wu planned to make fashion events like this a weekly activity instead of only granting access to the features that allowed players to collect fashion pieces and bid on limited edition fashion during events and celebrations. He decided that these fashion events would be held every Wednesday.

Lu Wu did not need to spend a single soul coin to create fashion items. He only needed to use an artifact to create a prop to collect the fashion fragments when a player had killed a mob.

It literally needed no cost.

The colossal amount of top-ups opened Lu Wu's eyes to the violence and brutality of business.

The event was about to start.

The passionate players in the forum were caring for each other, asking one another if their game consoles were fine, and if they were able to log in to the game.

However, the forum turned into deafening silence with two minutes to spare.

All the players were focused on the Fashion column in the shop, which was still gray at the time. The air was full of suspense as they were waiting for the auction to officially start.

Lu Wu was also observing the players' behaviors. He wanted to see if there would be a surprising and remarkable outcome from this event which was about to be normalized.

All the players immediately clicked on the Fashion column the moment a thread of color appeared on the gray shop column.

The players were full of excitement while looking at the three fashion sets which were officially launched. Each of them started choosing the sets to bid on.

However, the Fashion Shop turned gray again before they could click on anything!

A game message popped up...

[Server Announcement. The three sets for today's event are sold out. The highest bidder is 150,000 dragon coins, the lowest is 150,000 dragon coins. The total amount sold were 3,000 sets. The limited-time fashion auction has ended.]

Lu Wu was taken by surprise.

The players were confused.

Not only was Lu Wu shocked, but the players were also practically stunned.

In their eyes, the Fashion Shop shut down after it was launched for only a short moment.

The players were angered and flocked into the forum to get some insight.

Invincible_Loneliness: \"Damn, thank God I immediately bid the highest amount at 150,000 dragon coins once I got into Fashion Shop. That was nerve-racking, they've sold out instantly.\"

Peppa_Boar: \"Wow, I'm shaken up. Did these 3,000 sets only take ten seconds, heck, even five seconds, to be sold out? My internet speed is fast - are all of you hackers or something?\"

Xueli_The_Strongest: \"(Facepalm emoji) I gave it a try with 10,000 dragon coins. Fashion Shop shut down before I could click anything. I cannot deal with this.\" 

AdorkableCluelessGirl: \"Hehe, thankfully I foresaw this and dumped 150,000, the highest bid straight. I was so close to losing my love, the Fallen Glory... I feel great~\"

Your_Husband replied to Innocent_Girl: \"If it was not for your recommendation, the site might be up for a few seconds more and I could have gotten a set, too. (Blood dripping knife emoji)\"

Battle_Angel: \"Crying here, I bid 100,000 dragon coins for the Winter Dance of the Crane outfit and I thought I could pause for a moment before raising the bid. Who knew the site would crash within five seconds? It was already too late when I noticed. I regret not bidding more. Please have another auction.\"

Autumn_Leaves_In_Luoyang: \"That was amazing! I got a set of Fallen Glory, thanks to my wise provision that this would happen. All sold out in five seconds, that's some scary shit.\"

NeverGoingBack: \"I managed to get it… *silently passes by* Let me just show it off and laugh at all you green-eyed monsters. (image of fashion set)\"

Chaotic_Disturbance: \"*Stomping and beating own chest* I missed my chance to show off! I started off with 150,000, too, but I was one step behind.\"

Watermelon_Taro: \"The war between the rich is crazy. May I ask where your money came from? I want to be like you guys and throw money wherever I want to. (jealous)\"

Speechless_Heart: \"Since it's the Lunar New Year, I wonder if you guys trained your speed by finding hidden red envelopes. I feel attacked, it is impossible to buy anything now. I am ready to do labor for money in the wild. Thankfully, I saved myself a Zombie Energy Pillar. I am prepared to use my blood, sweat, and tears to get myself a set too in these few days.\"

Crayon_Sinchan: \"My liver is going off soon. Thank God I got myself a gaming pod, I am not going offline for a few days, I don't care. I am prepared to slay all the mobs and get the fashion fragments.\"

The event ended after only five seconds. Many players broke down in tears once they found out the reason.

Nonetheless, the reality could not be changed. They knew that they could only obtain the fashion sets by spamming for the fragments while losing sleep. Hence, they left the Mansion of the Dead, their eyes red and swollen as they started searching for any wild monsters to kill.

That was the day the army of the Fourth Disaster marched out of the safe zone from the Mansion of The Dead. They were prepared to start a war in Beiqi.

Right then, a game notification appeared.

[Server Announcement. The Nian Beast has spawned. Search coordinates from Burial Grounds.]

This notification rocked the players' world. The crowd rushed toward the portal in the Mansion of The Dead instantly.

The Burial Grounds was packed within a split second.

\"Nian Beast! Where is the Nian Beast? Let me touch it!\"

\"Stop pushing me! Look at your map and coordinates. Get out of my way.\"

\"I cannot afford to die so easily this time. Let me touch it at least, it would all be worth it. Everyone gets out of the way!\"

Thousands of players swarmed into the Burial Grounds like locusts toward the Nian Beast's spawning spot.

Right at that moment, a humongous creature, fiery red in color, was padding around the area south of the Burial Grounds.

The sudden rush of the player army from the north startled the Nian Beast. It let out a frustrated roar before charging toward the players.

Wang Damang who was at the front line suddenly went pale. He came to a realization that he had been running too fast, he was about to become as dead as a dodo soon.

The Nian Beast was already very near to him and finally bumped into his body, causing him to be thrown a few feet away.

He landed on the ground hard. However, to his surprise, he realized that his health bar only dropped less than one third, which meant that the fall did not cause much damage to him.

Looking at the other players who were rushing toward the Nian Beast, he immediately stood up and rushed over. Since he already knew that the Nian Beast could only cause mild damage, he had nothing to be afraid of.

It was as Wang Damang predicted, the Nian Beast was indeed a New Year's gift from Lu Wu to the players.

Due to the fact that the Nian Beast could not cause much damage, it was impossible for it to kill the players. However, its own health bar was higher than ever.

After the Nian Beast was killed, the rewards for the players were calculated according to the ratio of their damage to the beast's total health.


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