The Dragon Prince's Beloved Wife is a Translator
179 Chapter 176 “Healing The Devil...or Demon“
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The Dragon Prince's Beloved Wife is a Translator
Author :Bryna2218
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179 Chapter 176 “Healing The Devil...or Demon“

In Li Shi Ying mind, Jun Li Wen may not be a demon but...for her, he was a demon! She just remembered that indeed in the novel there was a character who had black hair and red eyes looking like a demon.

That character fell in love with the female lead when she accidentaly fell into a hole and met him who was wounded. The female lead healed and treated that character wound and traveled together to find the hell flower and in the end that character also fell in love with the female lead.

It was just....beautiful...or not. That character was in the end revealed to be the Dragon Country crown prince. That crown prince pestered the female lead and even wanted to marry her to be his future queen.

The crown prince was a yandere. He killed any men who dare to even stare at the female lead. He also always face slap all female who dare bully the female lead. Later, the female lead could shake off this crown prince with the help of the male lead.

Li Shi Ying face turned pale when she recalled the story plot. Would this man killed her if he knew that she is the female lead enemy??

....wait this man hadn't meet female lead yet! means...she is safe!!

Li Shi Ying knowing that she was safe...for now, quickly went out from her hiding place and approached Jun Li Wen.

"I am Li Shi Ying, 15 years old. Nice to meet you your highness" Li Shi Ying didn't know how ancient people greet each other so she just bowed her head politely and extended her hand for handshake.

Jun Li Wen was confused with Li Shi Ying extended hand but in the end after Li Shi Ying explained it, he gripped her hand and shake it gently. "Just call me Li Wen don't be so formal"

Jun Li Wen had a good impression on Li Shi Ying so he didn't mind her calling him Li Wen.

Li Shi Ying didn't know that her straightforward attitude had won a certain demon...i mean a certain crown prince good impression.

She happily agreed and also asked Jun Li Wen to just called her Shi Ying instead of this lady or you you you.

After the introduction section, Li Shi Ying sat beside Jun Li Wen and...didn't say anything. Jun Li Wen still sat on the ground because he had to nurse his wound while Li Shi Ying was happy to find a companion in dire situation so she too didn't leace.

Jun Li Wen was busy applying herb from herb he found around the place while Li Shi Ying was busy looking at his wound.

It is pretty bad...the wound of course. Should i heal him? Maybe that way he won't kill me in the future remembering this debt..yeah what a good idea!

...Wait but how could i heal him? i am not a doctor like the female lead!!

Hmmm....hmmm...ah!! i forgot! i had the green turtle in my contracted space! He can heal external wound right?? Hahaha!! it's a good thing that Jiu Wei didn't wear any of my divine beast tools form anymore!

All of them were now safely secured in her contracted space! With these maybe she could survive in this strange place!! Yuhuuuu 10 divine beasts and 2 high ranked beast...what's there to be afraid of? *smug*

She could also gained favor...she mean made Jun Li Wen indebted to her.

Li Shi Ying who was silent all this time suddenly patted her knee and looked at Jun Li Wen beside her with a sparkling eyes. "I can heal your wound!"

Jun Li Wen nearly stuffed the herb on his hand to Li Shi Ying mouth when she surprise him like that. He was too immersed in nursing his wound that he had forgot that there was another human beside him all along.

DON'T SCARE HIM!! He thought there was a ghost or a tree fairy 😕

Li Shi Ying didn't know any of Jun Li Wen thought so she only urged him to agree. Jun Li Wen was reluctant as first remembering Li Shi Ying young age, how could she be doctor? So he didn't believe that Li Shi Ying could heal his wound.

But because he couldn't disappoint that sparkling eyes looking at him with hope...he gave up and agreed to let Li Shi Ying heal his wound.

Li Shi Ying summoned her green turtle and let him heal Jun Li Wen wound. Jun Li Wen was surprised when he saw a green turtle appeared out of nowhere and started to heal his wound.

This kind of beast...couldn't be a normal beast! A divine beast??? Just who is this silly-looking girl?? How come she casually summoned a divine beast and acted as if it wasn't a big deal at all??!
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    《The Dragon Prince's Beloved Wife is a Translator》