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The Female Cultivator In The World Of Men
Author :Bird_Of_Paradise
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103 I am back

"Say what?" Le Fang Ling said as she patted her chest to let out the frozen air inside her lungs. What the biy said made her heart stop beating for a while due to the shock.

"Dual Cultivation partner," the boy whispered back once again.

He pointed his fingers at her and at him simultaneously and said, "You and me, together…" he said with a shy smile.


Le Fang ling did not have anything to speak.

No! She had nothing she could say at all! She was speechless! At loss of words!!

"Go on, why are you not saying anything?" Nagina said with a slight hostility and mockery in her tone as she looked at Le fang ling with bright and smiling eyes.

She had  turned her attention to he conversation that they were having as soon as the boy had arrived to their table. Her instincts were crying out to her that something not good was about to happen.

And no sooner had she thought of this, her biggest fear came true.

There was indeed something fishy and wrong going on!

The boy was trying  to woo away her host right in front of her.

Now, that was interesting...

Her lips curled up in a smug smile as she leaned her head on the top of her hand. Her red eye travelled back and forth from her host to the group of boys whose testosterone level was on a constant rise.

"Nagina…" Le fang ling's voice trailed off as she looked at the half snake system of her.

"You know the answer to that question." She said with a helpless smile on her face. There was only going to be one answer no matter who asked her out.

"Oh, I don't know." Nagina smirked as she answered her.

"Why don't you tell it and make me clear."

Le Fang Ling just looked at her and in the end gave in to her words.

The three boys had been watching this interaction between the two of them and felt that something was not right between them. They could not be simply a master and a pet like the rumor they had heard.

"You," Le Fang Ling called out to the boy in the center who had asked her out. Hearing her voice, the  boys were startled back to their senses.

"Y-Yes," they said in a stuttering voice.

"What is your name?" she looked at the boy in middle and asked politely. Her gesture and words were sharp and clear with no place in between to show any kind of intimacy or attachment.

"I am Wang Yi Xaio," he introduced himself with a slight bow.

"You can call me Yi xi if you like." Eh also added with a smile at her. He was trying his best to get her to say yes to him.

Le fang Ling nodded her head upon hearing his name. She silently repeated the name to get familiar with it and once she had grasped  his name, she raised her head to meet his eyes.

"I," she said with a slight pause as she observed each and every expression on his face.


"Why are you in a good mood?" Le Fang ling asked helplessly as she watched Nagina walk in front of her while humming out a tune although she could  not help but hiss in between the singing as a part of her habit.

'Where did she even hear these songs?' she wondered when all the songs that Nagina was humming were from the Earth.

Nagina had been moving her palms to the beat of the tone while her face had the brightest smile she had ever seen.

"Are you not going to answer me?" Le Fang Ling sighed as she looked at her back.

Hearing the question of her host, Nagina stopped moving and turned to face Le Fang Ling. She had lifted up her lips slightly in a pout, making her face look as cute as ever.

"What?"  Le Fang Ling shrugged as she asked her.

"I am just happy," Nagina said with a wink and turned around as she continued to lead the way to the library. It was not that Le fang Ling needed a guide but at the way and once they were walking, it indeed looked like that she was following Nagina.

"I don't think I need  a reason to be happy, now do I?" she said with a slightly annoyed tone.

"Nope, you can be happy all you want." Le fang Ling said with a smile as she looked at the stubborn back of her system.

"But I guess, I would love to be part of that happiness."  She said as she increased her pace to catch up with Nagina.

She reached right next to Nagina and placed her arms around her shoulder.

"What do you think? Hmm?" she made Nagina look at her and asked. When she said she wanted to be a part of her happiness, she indeed was not lying.

"Waste of time," Nagina shrugged off her hand from her shoulder and replied with a sigh.

"And I think we are here," she gestured her head towards the big traditional styled house that was waiting for them at the end of the road. As ever, it looked big and intimidating even from where she stood.

She gulped down the nervous and excited saliva in her throat and inhaled sharply. She was really anxious about meeting Elder Mo right now.

He had said that he was going to give something to her and she knew, if it was something that was going to be given to her by the elder as great as him, she must be in for something she had not expected.

With her hear full of expectations, she started to walk consistently towards the library as she clutched the exit pass in her hand.

Nagina watched her walk and let out a sigh.

"I would never tell you why I am happy," she mumbled in a low breathe. She felt like she had just won the world when her host rejected the boys and said what she said to the boy.

A few moments ago in the cafeteria of the sect!

The boy clenched and unclenched his fingers in anxiety as he waited for her to finish speaking. He felt as if with each words coming out of her mouth, his words was going to stop.

He was from a declining family so he needed to get stronger faster. For that, the best method of cultivation that suited him was the dual cultivation.

Although it posed various and serious challenges and hurdles,  it was one of the way that he deemed worthy of his determination and goal.

He would have chosen anyone else but after seeing Le fang ling on the day she had her duel with the senior brother from the sect, his eyes were completely set on her.

He knew that, considering she had a bad reputation, no many people will try to approach her. It also meant that there was a high chance she was still a virgin and that was like an additional point to the dual cultivation.

Also, her blood was still half noble blood. There were perks and beauty to being a descendant of a good family line.

Although that was not his primary goal, he was also gunning for her blood. If he was to dual cultivate with someone of higher and purer bloodline belonging to a main stream family, he was sure his goal was not a pipe dream but achievable.

"So," he said as he tried to hold his excitement at bay. He did not want to scare her away with his true intentions.

As for Le Fang ling, she had made up her mind ages ago. What he said now was not going to move her from what she had decided on.

"I am honored to know that you want me to be your partner but!" Le Fang ling looked at him with eyes full of determination.

"I have someone else that I really love and that person won't be happy if she knew I agreed to something like that." She said with a smile on her face.

Just think about this moment gave her butterflies in her stomach.

'Well, I guess these feelings are not that bad after all,' she commented in her heart as she followed after Le Fang ling.

A few moments later, both of them entered the library and stood at the entrance for a while looking at the old man who was once again emerged in his books.

'Just how much does he love reading?' she could not help but think as she walked towards him as lightly as she could. She did not want to face his wrath by disturbing the peace and serenity of the library.

"Elder Mo," she called out in a soft voice as she placed down  the pass that she had gotten from him.

"I have returned!" she announced with a wide grin as she looked at the face of Elder Mo.

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    《The Female Cultivator In The World Of Men》