The Invisible World
2 Chapter 2
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The Invisible World
Author :k365
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2 Chapter 2

Since I was nine, I've stayed with my Aunt M. I don't know what name the 'M' stands for, it's just there. I didn't remember or completely know what happened before my ninth birthday. One thing I remember from that day, was that I was taken from my mother. I remember holding on to her, and being forcibly ripped out of her arms. Crying, screaming, kicking, and fighting to get back to her. To tell her to not let me go. And I remember one phrase she screamed before she disappeared from my life. "I will get you back, Mommy won't leave you...". And that's the last I saw or heard from her again. After that, all I knew was darkness. Black everywhere I looked. I wasn't scared, darkness isn't always bad. I was just lonely. The only thing I knew was that I was nine, and I was taken from my mother. Then, at one point, a light sparked above me. I grabbed it and appeared in a room. A short woman was standing in front of me.
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"Finally, it took you long enough. Happy birthday my dear. Would you like some cake?"

I stood in front of this warm woman offering me cake. I spoke nothing, and nodded. She sat me down at a small round table, maybe four feet wide, and handed me a plate with the biggest slice of double-decker, triple chocolate cake you've ever seen. She gave me a fork, and I dug in. It was the most delicious thing I've ever tasted...I think...I couldn't remember much at this point. After a few minutes, I looked up and realized she had sat down next to me.

"I assume you are confused, and have no idea what's going on. Keep eating your cake, and I will explain as much as I can at this point. Call me Aunt M."

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    《The Invisible World》