The Law Imperium
1 The Definite Era: The First Lesson
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The Law Imperium
Author :Homoludensapien
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1 The Definite Era: The First Lesson

Why… am I here?

Freman couldn't help asking himself this question again and again, but only the buzzing sound of the air conditioner could response. He soon notices that he is sitting in the middle of a big white lecture room where he submerges in the crowd of students...

The professor hasn't got here yet, but the lecture room is crowd with people already, there are male and female; rich kids and eco-warriors; party animals and sleepers except that there are no absentees and summers, moving like waves in raging sea; but there is one similar thing for them... is their urge to learn something.

Freman is floating on top of it like the small leaf on the sea of black shadows as if there is an invisible barrier between them, that no matter how hard Freman pretends, he knows that they can never be the same.

'Deliver the paper.'

The pile of papers that sitting in front of Freman, fold themselves into the shape of a cute, little bird suddenly and then flap their triangle wings frequently so that they can fly to everyone's desk immediately. Soon, there are thousands of little bird flying in the midair of the lecture room all of a sudden.

Not until Freman looks at its details, they return back to a piece of thin, smooth sheet where a black, calligraphic title appears on everyone's sheet.


Contract of philosophy 201


And following the eye movement of Freman, sentences appear one by one like a row of dominoes.


On the date of XX/XX/XXXX, Signature of Reader and Professor Andre hereby to enter this contract without any enforcement and accept the following described offers.

1. To continue this lesson, you must sign this contract.

2. Use the grey muscle inside your cranial.

3. Unless more than 80% of students object to the decision of professor Andre with its acknowledgement, its decision cannot be changed.

4. The number of scores will be rated by the class performance and test result of students, the usage of the score is written in the student handbook.

5. Any violation of the rule in this paper will lead to punishment, for any other problem plz refer to student handbook or go to the demerit department.

Restrictions and easements

In this lecture, the person who doesn't follow the above rules will fail all the exam in this seminar and receive the ANGER of Professor Andre.


When Freman finishes the paper, he notices that most of the stuff sitting here is like an old man with a hoarse voice. He starts to afraid that the lecturer may also be an old-stubborn living fossil that is even older than the desk they are using.

'Make sure everyone has got a copy ~'

A soft, creamy, cute sound comes from behind. Freman is dragged back to reality and his head rotates immediately like reflex action that stereotyped his brain since he was born.

The first time Freman has looked on a girl seriously. She has the enduring eyes of deer, soft lip like marshmallow, skins with the colour of fresh milk when she is walking the black hair falls on her shoulders like a waterfall, yet has an old temperament coming from within. (Why am I describing this clear? Of course, she is the main female character of course.)

Freman feels an almost electrical charge when she stops next to Freman; she stares at Freman into his eye and scans every single detail on him. Then, she smashes Freman's table with her fist all of a sudden.

'You are on my way.'

The desk meltdown like butter on a hot plate but as it happens so fast, no one can see it. Freman's heart misses a beat and his blood runs cold. When he pushes saliva into his throat and feels it dropping back his empty body, the table looks the same again like nothing has ever happened before.

'That isn't an illusion. What a fist, if she hits me with that ...'

Freman quickly pulls himself out of his imagination and calm down quickly, he reads the paper all over again.
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    《The Law Imperium》