The Law Imperium
2 The Definite Era: Let there be light...
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The Law Imperium
Author :Homoludensapien
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2 The Definite Era: Let there be light...

'Can I say no?'

After thinking seriously about the possible outcomes, Freman decides to sign his name on the paper, but the thing doesn't go peacefully, the whole lecture room swiftly fills with complaints of the students.

All of a sudden, the light of the lecture room shut down and darkness is upon the face of deep, Freman's pen drops on the floor. The bustling space is replaced by void and silence.

'Before this lesson…'

Throwing a strong, masculine voice into the smooth surface of skyline silver lake and soon it echoes inside the chamber. At first, there are just a few whispering coming from nowhere but then the sound expands quickly that it covers the voice in the middle of the room, Freman can only catch up some words coming from the radio.

'Silence... my students...I have you all a mission.'

That's the deep voice again, but this time the whole room burst out of laugh all of a sudden as if this is just a scam, but Freman has a different thought.

'A mission? Sxxt, isn't this just a philosophy lecture? I just want to look for some fun...'

Freman picks his pen on the floor and starts wondering if he should escape from the lecture room first as he is just a fake student. Yes... That isn't typo, Freman is just a high-level student that hasn't finished 'CORE' yet.

Although the species in this civilization is very similar to the one in the earth they don't share the same social structure. In this civilization, each citizen must at least receive a free education, so-called 'CORE' since they are 3 years old. It can be divided into low, medium and high. (This isn't a realistic novel, BELIEVE ME.)

From one level to another level, they must take a test within each level of education to determine if they are qualified enough. However, there is no absolute passing line or full marks for each test.

After the first test, the student will receive their ranking which shows their position within all the students in that region that have taken the test since the existence of mankind. They must get a higher ranking than the one they have got from the last test.

And if they can't, they need to stay at the level that he was and retake the test again until they succeed. After that, they can choose to work in society or go to a college where Freman currently locates.

After Freman confirms the orientation of the exit, he hypnotises himself that all his belongings as a living creature. Then, he throws his phone into the bag and whisper.

'Broken Windows Theory.'

All the other belongings jump into his bag quickly. Without hesitation, Freman stands up immediately and attempts to crawl out of the lecture room. However, the radio seems to notice Freman.

'Don't attempt to leave this lecture room, the lesson just start...'

Till it finishes its words, all the students inside the lecture room can hear a strong footstep, knocking on the stairs, and it seems to have manipulated everyone's heartbeat.

'Let there be light...'

The light burst into the room all of a sudden like the aureate stars on the sky, that even the collapse of darkness could be heard.

At that moment, Freman's iris contracts to the size of needle, he quickly covers both of his eyes with his hands, a gruff, a high pitched alarming voice coming from Freman's bag stabs in everyone's eardrum abruptly. Until they adapt to the strong light, all the college students stare at the annoying sound source, Freman, whose phone is alarming...

'Hey, everyone is me...'

The voice keeps coming from the radio.
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    《The Law Imperium》