The Law Imperium
3 The Definite Era: I am TITANIUM...
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The Law Imperium
Author :Homoludensapien
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3 The Definite Era: I am TITANIUM...


...Fire away, fire away...You shoot me down, but I won't fall.



Perspiration drips down Freman's cheek, following the edges of his face, the droplet fell from his cheek into his purple jacket which is now drenched in sweat.

The phone keeps on ringing and vibrating inside Freman's red and blue striped bag but he doesn't dare to make a single move, as if every trace of power has been pumped away from his body.

Freman is now standing on the corridor of the lecture room and even though he doesn't look around himself. He can still feel the heat of anger burning inside those raging eyes of college students.

His face and his mind are as white as and as soft as tofu now, he slowly moves his shaking hands into the bag to search for his phone.

For every second of his searching, he feels like he is in the middle of hell, thousands of demons are now surrounding him, waiting to tear his flesh from his body. This is definitely not boasting cause he knows all the college student must already reach the level of Barrister, which he is just at the level of the Secretary.

'Barrister' is the title of 'Lawyer' and 'Secretary' is the title of 'Scholar' which are the occupations of Law civilization. To become a lawyer, you must at least become a scholar first and the 'CORE' aims to help transform a human into a scholar.

There are 3 titles for each scholar and each title is divided to 3 levels: Beginner, Standard and Master; the title can be listed ascendingly from Typist, Secretary to Administrator, each level corresponding to the 3 levels of 'CORE' education received.

After they have passed all the level in Scholar, they will reach the Expert level which they need to choose their specialities like 'Lawyer#1','Killer#2' and study them in college.

The title not only represents the knowledge they have but also represents their power to change the environment and their understanding of the world. Freman has not yet chosen his specialities for certain...which mean he can't even beat one of the college students who has already passed the level of Scholar.

When Freman planning to think of a way to survive, the voice of radio saves his life.

'So, I am Dr Andre, I am not a radio.'

Freman reliefs as the attention of college students are attracted by that voice again. He quickly turns the alarm setting in his phone to delay mode and hides inside the crowd of students.

'As I have said, I have got a mission for all my beloved students, and it is...'

At that moment, the beautiful girl beside Freman rushes out of her seat and yells angrily...

'What a prank!'

She jumps out of her seat and rushes to the lecture desk. Then she jumps on the lecture desk and holds her fist again.

'Newton's first law!'

After she whispers the words, the momentum of her fist grows a lot faster, when her fist is about to crash the radio. Another voice sounds.

'Hooke's law of elasticity!'

The fist of the girl sinks inside the middle of the radio and the radio is squeezing like a piece of white sponge. Until the girl pulls her hand angrily from the radio, the radio bounces like puddings but this can't stop the radio from playing its recording.

'...just a very easy mission...'

'That's the power of lawyer!!!'

Freman's mind is screaming and his heart is racing. He knows that if the voice of the radio didn't appear, he would have been a dead body now.

'I finally understand why the lawyers are so-called the bones of law civilization. They are really far stronger than human and scholar... They have the power to practise nature law, math theory or another psychological phenomenon only by naming them... and they are just at the level of barrister!!, how strong can they be if they are in solicitor, defender or prosecutor?'

#1,#2 Explain later laaaaa.


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