The Law Imperium
4 The Definite Era: The Cat and Dog figh
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The Law Imperium
Author :Homoludensapien
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4 The Definite Era: The Cat and Dog figh

A problem keeps struggling in his mind.

'But why is she is so rush to crack the radio?'

Freman talks to himself silently, the curious vanishes when the radio keeps playing.

'...everyone just needs to write some questions on the board with the given white chalk during this lesson...Meow... and answers the questions written by others on the board... the questioner or answerer will be the one who is holding the white chalk at that time ; ) so the consequences of not finishing the mission... Boom...are written on the paper, eh... go and check it yourself...'

If you wonder how the radio can record emoji, it is called the application of the law 'cocktail party effect' that allows the listener to ignore the audio limitation.

'Save your middle finger for yourself...Boom... so if you ask me, why I don't do this myself. To be honest I am just too lazy...'

'Meow...Meow... Get your claws away from my food, you GODDAMN cat...Boom... Boom...'

There are still many 'Meow', 'Boom' and some fault words coming out of the radio (Delete 1000 words here.), but everyone is focusing on the girl who stands on the lecture desk with both of her hand fists who is starring at a man sitting inside of his cushion chair with his legs folding.

'Don't push your luck... Here's the last chance for you to apologize.'

Although he is wearing a pair of sunglasses, they all know he is pretending to sleep. 'Tik, Tok...Tik, Tok' the tension is enlarging every second that we can cut it with a knife. No-one is going to be a hero or an arbiter as everyone is waiting...

...Waiting for the show to begin.

It isn't common to see the battle of lawyers. Freman doesn't dare to close his eyes, afraid that he may skip a single move.

When everyone is going to lose their patience, the sunglass guy stands up and walks slowly to the lecture desk under the background music that is played by the radio, the incident is heading for the rock. When he attempts to jump on the lecture desk, he falls down with his left foot accidentally steps on his right foot.

'Ahhh, what a pain... maybe I will just lay here.'

The man lays on the floor and speaks with his pale voice like he is going to stay here overnight.

'So I am so sorry, my lady...'

After he finishes his words, there are a few spurts of water erupted from the mouth of college students and they cannot conceal their disappointment with themselves.

'Why am I looking forward to this...'

The same sigh comes into everyone's mind. All of sudden, the catfighting noise from the radio disappears.

'Oh sorry, it's me again, professor Andre, I suddenly remember that I haven't told you that every question you write on the blackboard costs 1 'score' only if anyone has answered your question,...

' will take your score away and the question will disappear from the board...meow~... Only the one can leave 1 or more questions on the board and answers 1 or more questions written by others on the board correctly will be considered as finishing the mission. meow~...if you keep disturbing me, I will make you into a CATPOT.'

Freman's face turns white as he is the weakest and less knowledgeable among all these college students, the most important point is that he has no 'score' for him to write on the blackboard but he has already signed the divine agreement.

And the demerit of college is unavoidable, it might be a scratch to a lawyer but to Freman, it has no difference with sentenced to death.
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    《The Law Imperium》