The Law Imperium
5 The Definite Era: How to get away from being a fake? 1
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The Law Imperium
Author :Homoludensapien
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5 The Definite Era: How to get away from being a fake? 1

Freman's mind is about to burst...

'Confess? No, I might still get myself killed at the end...'

He is so anxious now, as there is still no possible way he can come up with but a quarter of the class has passed already. He feels that his mind is standing at the edge of a precipice, a single mistake can make him rush over the edge and sink himself into an endless dream.

This is his first time trying to use his brain so hard... so hard, that he could even feel that the blood flow is squeezing every single thread of blood vessel inside his brain, his grey muscles just starts to work till now.

An idea comes into Freeman's mind and arouses the madness deep inside his vein. Without consideration, Freman starts his plan; he grabs away the girl's bag that's sitting next to him and searches it.

'Queen's college student handbook (3rd edition)'[Chapter 001]

Freman smiles, as the first step of his plan succeeds, he has got what he wants.

Actually, it is just a simple plan. He decides to maintain a low profile when he is using other college student's 'score' to write down the question and answers on the board; which at the same time, the girl is still...

'Where is she now?'

In order to absolve himself of being killed, Freman asks himself. When he sees that she is still sitting on the lecture desk, that is crowded with college students now.

'What the heck?'

Our female character is now negotiating on how to finish the mission by professor Andre and writing down her strategy with a white chalk on a spare board.

The girl and college students have their strategy too, is to write 1 typical question on the big blackboard first and then add 1 number for each question, arrange them in ascending order, from left to right, such that each student just need to answer the question on their left.

After the question they answered has disappeared[CH.4], write another question on the board and then leaves it alone. Then everyone will have enough question and answer to pass the mission now.

Freman relieves, seems that no-one has noticed his plan. The last part of his plan is to return her belongings back without everyone's acknowledgement and leaves the lecture room secretly.

But first, he needs to figure out how the 'score' works and the way to use them; so a student handbook is a must [Chapter 001] for him.

'"Score" system in queen's college and its usage:'

'Score is the currency inside the authorised area in queen's college; 1 score can supply all your basics needs for 1 day...'

Freman flips the book as fast as he could, he knows that queen's college has produced this new currency as it is listed in the newspaper 10 years ago. He also knows that this currency is the motivation for the students to strike for their best in this college.

'Score can only be earned from finishing a mission or from trading with others.'

This system had pushed Queen's college to enter the rankings of the top 50 colleges worldwide. However, this system is now being more and more popular among colleges since then...

'And it was saved inside your student id card that you have received at your registration day so please keep it save as all the score will be reset once you have asked for a replacement of cards.'

..Queen's college's ranking is dropping gradually from year to year.

'Student ID card will delete the scores inside your card automatically once you have made a specific action, that specific action that requires scores can only be decided by the professor or the demerit department in this college, and it must be stated clearly in a literal or verbal way...'

The bag is almost empty so the searching wouldn't be hard for Freman. He soon notices a pink, thick wallet waiting for him inside, like the pearl that's sitting in the middle of the mollusc shell.

He can even smell a tantalizing cat food aroma slowly presents on the wallet when he is searching for the ID card inside, the time is racing with Freman as the girl has finished explaining her strategy already...
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    《The Law Imperium》