The Law Imperium
6 The Definite Era: How to get away from being a fake? 2
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The Law Imperium
Author :Homoludensapien
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6 The Definite Era: How to get away from being a fake? 2

'Do we have a deal?'

The girl asks the question again angrily that she has split the white chalk laying that she is using into pieces. When she looks at the college students around her, she notices that...

... no one replies. Even those who have supported her strategy just now, suffer in silence or avoid having a direct eye contact with her; as a Chinese idiom has said 'The hunter only shoots the bird that pops its head out first.'.

'You've got balls?'

'...Oh sorry, I shouldn't have expected... but not even half?'

The girl pulls out her middle finger towards the crowd and jumps down from the lecture desk, heads towards her bag with the white chalk.

'Fine, I will be the first.' let's flashback to the time when Freman has got the wallet.

'Name: Nevaeh Andre, Age: 16.9...'

'That's it!'

Freman read the words on the card silently.

'Andre?... what a coincidence.'

He held the card with his trembling hands as if that was his baby.

'Professor Andre has a strong masculine voice, he must not be a woman. Haha, what a foolish person I am...'

However, the smell of the wallet has a devastating effect on his induction...

'Wait...Or is it?'

A sudden thought rushed into his mind, he quickly checks the back of the...

' ... Gender: Female, Status: Third-class Professor (3561 hours 45 minutes 05 seconds of teaching), Profession: Philosophy, Psychology...'

...professor ID card, what he had seen astound his world. He can even feel that his breath has stopped...

'06 seconds of teaching), Profession:...'

'07 seconds of teaching), Profess...'

'08 seconds of teaching), Profe...' (I am not making up words. Believe me ;)

'09 seconds of teaching), Pro...'

...when the counting is striking '10'; at the same time, a cold monotonous footstep coming from behind, far to near.

'Hey, I am this your wallet?'

Hiding her ID card behind himself, he asks. Nevaeh... or we should call her Professor, she looks down a little.

To be honest, Professor's legs are really straight and long that Freman could only reach her neck when she stands in front of him but Freman has no time to consider about that now... as the ambience surrounding the girl is so overwhelming when she stares at him with her sharp grey merciless eye.

Freman knows that the one standing in front of her is a real prosecutor... a person that can vanish his existence in reality with a single tick.

'The terror is coming from within, I can smell it...'

She has widened her eyes and her iris enlarges.

'You seems to be afraid of me, don't you?'

She smiles and licks her blood-red lips slowly~

'What are you hiding?'

She steps forward... and the only thing that Freman can feel... the frightening aura coming from the window of her soul and the endless terror flowing all over him. But he can only squeeze the card in his palm harder and harder.

According to the informal research by Professor Duncan in the Greendale college, when someone is stupefied to their core continuously, sooner or later there will be an emotional eruption...

Freman has reached his breaking point but his mind is crystal clear now. Under the pressure of survival, he suddenly relieves. He steps forward and smiles back to the professor.

'Yes, I am hiding...'

'I am hiding that I am not a student in this college actually...'


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