The Law Imperium
7 The Definite Era: How to get away from being a fake? 3
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The Law Imperium
Author :Homoludensapien
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7 The Definite Era: How to get away from being a fake? 3

After hearing such a groundbreaking news, the terrifying aura and pressure sublimate swiftly.

Freman has restored the ownership of his body. Not until she responded, he immediately throws her bag towards the professor with his left hand so as to assure that she has been distracted away from him while his right-hand puts her professor ID card in his bag quickly and slightly. Then, he continues his sentence...

'... If that's so, you must be a professor.'

At the end of his sentence, Freman smiles with his right hand inserted inside the pocket, pretending to be confident and then steps towards the professor who has just caught her bag. He asks.

'Are you hiding something?'

The distance between them is shrinking ... so near, that it is just an arm's strength between them; even the hot air exhaled by Freman, blows directly on her face. When the face comes nearer and nearer, she finally responses.

'kcuf off.'

Although it has to be said that Professor Andre is still as serenely unruffled by the prospect as ever, those two words still came out of her mouth so naturally.

(interesting fact: all the fault words are reversed in the law civilization)

Freman only can laugh to conceal his embarrassment and excitement as there are still some steps for him to survive. Freman isn't idiotic that he doesn't know if a stranger has returned your wallet, the first thing you would do is to check it out. However, if she does so, she will notice that something is missing.

Freman can only distract her attention from the wallet again and he also needs to keep his hands busy so he quickly thinks of a question.

'I think your strategy is brilliant...'

Freman's heart races to maximum when her hand is about to touch her wallet zipper.

'...Would you mind if I go first?'

Freman added, professor stops her hand right on top of the wallet and smiles.

'Why not?'

The professor is calculating the odds too. Even if Freman hasn't asked, she decides to get the phone inside her wallet and force Freman to agree to go first by telling him that she would tell the demerit department the fact that he steals her wallet from her bag.

Although her instinct tells her that something is fishy, she has no facial change. She splits the white chalk into half secretly and puts half of it into her right pocket.

'I think I have the responsibility to tell you... that there is still some risk. How can you be so sure that I or everyone here will do what we have promised?'

Seeing her hands leaving the wallet, Freman is a bit relief... He is making a bet just now as he has no idea what the professor has been discussing just now.

The only thing he can think of is a plan, a strategy that can make the professor gains more 'score' in this lesson as the consumed score will be transferred to the professor's ID card.

But there is always a general solution to these questions.

'I can feel so much warmth from you, you are a sight of sore eyes, my lady that makes me trust you implicitly. '

It flatters Andre's vanity when at that second, her heart is puffed with an illusionary conceit that she really thinks that the man in front of her falls in love with her. These cliches also blind her eye that she pass the chalk without hesitation.

Freman is a little bit flattered, he doesn't know that those sweet wordings he learns from his sister could be that powerful, that not even an old female prosecutor can resist.

In Freman's conception, for an average person, to reach the level of scholar requires 12 years and for a new lawyer to enhance itself from Solicitor to Barrister, then from Defender to Prosecutor; requires another 20 years according to the research of The Federal Court (TFC) ego, a professor must be an old dude.

He thinks he must learn more from his sister...

...if and only if he manages to survive this time. Looking at the half a piece of white chalk on his hand, Freman walks gently to the door of lecture room...

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(to be continued)


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