The Law Imperium
8 The Definite Era: Blood is thicker than Cola 1 #iamtitanium
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The Law Imperium
Author :Homoludensapien
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8 The Definite Era: Blood is thicker than Cola 1 #iamtitanium

The evening sunlight strikes through the fussy days and stabs gently with resoluteness through the red curtain of the lecture room like Freman's footstep.

Freman has tried his best to pretend that he is just somebody who wants to write something on the board... when he is getting nearer and nearer to the blackboard which is next to the exit of the lecture room, his eyes have lost their focus.

Starring blankly on the clock hanging on the ceiling, he knows that the time is racing with him and the risk is accelerating every second as the professor might have checked her wallet in any time.

But at the same time, he cannot think of a question that everyone cannot answer as if someone has answered his question, 1 'score' will be deleted from the professor's ID card and he wouldn't have the ability to stop that from happening. And the professor would have noticed when she checks the ID card...

Then Freman has to suffer the anger of a prosecutor in the future and with this criminal record he cannot continue his study in Queen's college or find a job in a society which means he wouldn't be able to earn enough money to sustain he and his sister's daily expenses ... His life is over.

The more despair he feels, the more rational he becomes as he knows he has got 1 shot, 1 opportunity, the dots and lines are connected together in his mind like pieces on the chess board...

'That's right...I still got my move.'

Freman knows that he is now a player but not the pieces anymore that now he has got a plan. Freman has been making decisions under 'you live or you die' pressure which really gets his adrenaline going and...

'Once someone is exposed, they are at your mercy...

...he starts to be a little addicted to it. He quickly takes out the contract that he signs at the beginning of the lesson and waves his pen on it. The next thing he needs to do is to start hypnotizing himself that the paper ball and...

'Tik, Tok...'

The clock triggers Freman's mind that he notices that nearly half of the lesson has passed. The break is about to arrive but he has no time to consider it. He quickly compresses the paper into the shape of a ball and hides it inside his right hand with the white chalk I his left hand.

Walking slowly along the blackboard, he has finished hypnotizing himself that the 2 specific targets have become conscious.

At the time the clock is striking thirteen, he writes down the planned question on the blackboard decisively while professor Andre's hand has opened the zip on her wallet,...


Firing at the ones who run, Stone-hard, thus bulletproof glass...

...You shoot me down but I won't fall, I am titanium...


Not until she can check the details inside, the music blows down the lecture room again. So loud and noisy that even the people standing outside the corridor could hear. It's Freman's peculiar phone ringtone...Professor Andre stops herself again and the attention of the lecture room is switched to the noise.

A woman with black, long sleeves jacket steps on the floor of the corridor with an old white sports shoes, stops before the door of the lecture room oddly after hearing the noise. She then walks near the door with a sigh of relief...

The door opens and a woman with grey hair steps in. Her hair is lying on her jacket like weeds which haven't been tailored for a long time.

Then, she wipes away the weed on her forehead to have a better view, a pair of insolently cyanide eyes appears, nothing but watery blue as oceans, calm but strong. When she looks at Freman, her eyes are full of love and gentle.

However, Freman immediately throws a paper ball on her face when their eye contacts and then he whispers.

'Broken window theory'

The cards that sit inside his palm follows the trajectory swiftly.


Some reader asks me yesterday why I didn't upload anything these days...because I am...I am...I am having a... headache, although the main reason is that I am lazyyyyy X0D

I will upload later, this novel hasn't finished...


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