The Law Imperium
9 The Definite Era: Blood is thicker than cola 2
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The Law Imperium
Author :Homoludensapien
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9 The Definite Era: Blood is thicker than cola 2

Looking at the 2 white objects that are getting bigger and bigger in her vision, she just casually take her hands out of the pocket and then the law just emerges in her mind naturally...

'"It always takes longer than you expect, even when you take into account Hofstadter's Law." ~Hofstadter's Law.'

Law always hides its true form beneath the surface of our senses, limited by our perspective; yet can only reveal with the real conceptualization of the order itself.

... at that sudden, she has a feeling that the paper ball and the card are getting slower and slower.


The whole class is filled with Freman's ringtone that no one has noticed the small incident happens on the other side of the lecture room like this is just something that doesn't deserve their attention. Not even Freman's target, the professor as she is standing right next to the sound source...

'There is no coincidence, though... '

Freman thinks.

' may seem to be a chaotic scene that I have created, but in fact, everything is rooted from my plan, from a finely ordered plan. I understand now...'

This doesn't mean that he had predicted all these half a lesson ago but the ringtone is just the delay that he had turned on before...

'Chaos is rooted on order and order is rooted on chaos. The unexpected situation is simply an accumulation of many unknown planned factors...'

At that instant, Freman sees the whole scene very clearly, like he has been seeing the world under a piece of coat throughout the life that he has lived so long.

The moment when the professor hears the ringtone again. After feeling a bit of surprise, the next thing reminds her is the ringtone that she has been listening to half a lesson ago, the time when the student next to her had been caught in the middle of the class because of the noisy alarm...

'Where is he?'

She quickly glimpses the seat next to her. However, Freman isn't here now. She suddenly feels an uneven distribution of order on the other side of the classroom.

As the world we sense must be based on divine laws or physical rules or god or truth or the thing that is immutable, eternal and constant in our beliefs, these things must be distributed and existed evenly in every single place of this universe like flowing water to make its nobility.

However, these things which we can summarize and call it 'law' which its form and abundance of can be changed through the use of law by the lawyers in their way.

It is like pushing water in a swimming pool smoothly, not only yourself, but others sitting inside it can experience a slight pushing force through the ripples on the surface of the pool. At the level of the prosecutor, like Professor Andre, can feel most of the slightest changes in order inside this lecture room.

At the next instant...He feels a bare eyesight on his back that the hair of his back crawls, sharp like a needle in his back...

The professor is looking at be more specific, the question that he has just written on the board.

'...shit. She has noticed it already?...'

After that instant, the next thing Freman does is to run towards the exit with his chalk at his maximum speed when the professor has already rushed to the middle of the lecture room.

At the same time, she has finished reading the paper, her face is painted in colours.

'Seriously, what are you thinking...'

Gaping at her brother who is now running towards the exit behind her, as if he has just made fun of her ...

' My little brother...'

Although Freman is running at his maximum speed, during the fraction of the moment he crosses his sister, he can hear her speaking at a low and gentle voice.

'...You own me once again.'
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    《The Law Imperium》