The Mystic Healer
35 Update
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The Mystic Healer
Author :TheSleepingTadpole
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35 Update

Hello my readers,

First off, I hope that you are all remaining safe during this time and am pleased to report that I have yet to catch the virus. It has been quite some time mainly due to not just healing from my real life injuries, but also because I lost the password to this account and today have finally found it!

Anyways, onto some of the updates:

1) This novel will NOT be dropped, however, I do not feel ready to continue it at this time both for health reasons and because my "author spark" is somewhat in limbo. Some authors might call this "burning out", but I just refer to it as an extended pause button. I do apologize for this, but there are some good updates!

2) So as you may all be able to tell by now, although I am a good story teller and decent with my grammar compared to maybe some other authors on this platform, what you guys do not know is that this is more introductory based as far as my writing and what I could actually do. I plan on rewriting out some of the chapters to match my current style which I have developed, and to pick this book back up in time. (Not a 1+ year hiatus, but it will be some time)

3) As promised earlier on, I have begun my chapter outline for the vampire series I did a poll on not too long ago. The reason this is such an important update, is because very soon (In the next few weeks) I will most likely be releasing daily chapters for it.

(NOTE: The story flow will be similar to this novel as far as low and steady build, but the dialogue and such will be much different, and in my opinion a notch higher compared to this title)

So, I know that this all may seem disappointing, but I hope that some of you would be open to supporting the vampire novel once it is released, as I figure out how to make this novel a notch better and to continue the story. I've been working on it now for about three months, and am rather excited to start sharing it with the world of webnovel!


P.S. If you would like to be notified when the first chapter drops of the vampire novel, please comment on this chapter so that I can respond with the link once it is up. :)

P.S.S. I understand that majority of authors on this platform make statements like "hiatus" and it takes YEARS and still no updates, but I do want to be clear, that this novel will be continued so please remain subscribed. As an author, it is frustrating seeing fans of other novels being let down, and that is the last thing I want to do to all of you in the long term!

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    《The Mystic Healer》