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The Ultimate kingdom system
Author :sudiotaku
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1 Ch.1

In the middle of the forest sat a bleeding middle aged man bleeding ,from the way he was dressed you could guess he was being hunted down you could also see cuts all over his body some deep to the bone ,his face was covered with so much dirt that you can't see his features clearly but that didn't matter because you could still see his eyes they were bright as a blazing fire they were determined with no confusion. He was the last human alive Shane the only survivor from the kingdom of hope last human kingdom

Even though calling it a kingdom was an overstatement because it was only as big as a town.

Shane looked up at the Stars and sighed

"How did it come to this were living peaceful

on earth even though there were wars between countries it was not bloody as this"

He started remembering the first day humanity teleported here ,they were sacred and confused at first so they United together and were strong .

They fought against beasts and build a safe zone and some awakened and gained new powers from super strength to speed from doing quest's

And after a while they got used to it and some even liked more than earth and called it home

But same as all good things it had to come to an end. Humanity greed started to show .

Some of them wanted more power and money

And considering that the monsters they were fighting although powerful are not intelligent

And posed no real threat to them they started fighting amongst them self. Countless talented humans died before they could even start showing them because of there greed , they were afraid that the new talents will usurp their power.

Shane snorted " greedy cunts the got arrogant . They didn't even know that it was just the tutorial so humans wouldn't get destroyed immediately upon teleportation

By different races "there was anger in his eyes but deep down there was also sadness .


A twig breaking Cutt his train of thought .looking down he saw a human shaped tiger it looked at him and said in deep and hors voice

"Made us chase down all the down here if it wasn't for the global quest I wouldn't chase a cockroach like you "

There was a clear contempt in his eyes for such a week race.

Shane laughed " Hhh and I wouldn't have ran across the world if weren't for 'last human quest ' and I would have failed the quest if it wasn't for your negligence " as he said that he pulled a hidden rope that connected to the tree behind the tiger.

"WHAT " the tiger turned around with a punch but didn't see a thing he just saw the rope fall from the tree .


"Hhhhhh I should've gusted you guys were interested in the rope you are related to cats after all" Shane was laughing so hard that his old injuries started to bleed.

The tiger was angry from the humiliation

"Laugh all you want I am going to end you

And your race "

Shane smiled

"you could have but now you can't because wasted your time Paying with the rope "

The tiger was confused he didn't understand what he saying as he was about to speak he heard a ding sound

[DING* ]

[the last human survived 30 days with out being killed quest failed]
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    《The Ultimate kingdom system》