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The Ultimate kingdom system
Author :sudiotaku
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2 Ch.2

"HOW. That's impossible it only been 18 days " the tiger was aghast because it's only been 18 days the had time that's way he took his time.

Shin smirked "only 18 days passed to you maybe but to me it's been on 30 hellish days.

If it weren't for the dimensional pocket with accelerated time I wouldn't have survived with your army's hunting me" Shane looked

At the tiger waiting it's response.but before he could hear him he saw a flash of white and passed out.

Waking up he found him self in a completely white room .he tried to stand up but he was to tiered.


[ congratulations on completing 'the last human quest '

Requirement: survive 30 days without dying

* you can't hide in a place that no one can get to

Bonus quest: kill talon the demon king

Bonus quest:failed

Main quest: completed]

[ Reward: one wish ]

"Heh the main quest was hard by itself much less killing that monster how flattened a city with a slap ".

"SnorT it's just you human's are weak "

A beautiful voice was heard.

Startled shin looked behind him .he saw a beautiful red haired girl, her hair going down to her butt .

"Who are you " Shane looked at her vigilante,

If he learned anything in the past 25 years surviving was the more beautiful the rose looked the sharper the thorns .

The girl put her hand on her face and asked cutely."why are you so rude? Can't see I am a human " asked with a bright light in her eyes .

She was not used his reaction usually people will be stunned by her looks even from were she came . "Ha if you were a human the system wouldn't have given me the title the last human "

Shane snorted coldly. 'The system never lies'

That was rooted in every race not just humans. The girl looked at him and did an 'o'

Face and taped her flawless jaw "theeen how about this.." she tapped the air a couple of times. Shane looked at he confused until he heard the system peep , what he saw scared the shit out of him .


[' the last human ' title revoked]

[ the title , {how about now'}given ]

[ title {how about now}.

Requirement: question Ares the goddess of war ]


hello everyone author here and I just wanted to clear some things out

1. English is not my first language so sorry in advance for anything

2. This is the first novel I wrote ( not considering the other novel because I just typed one chapter then deleted it) so I am not that skilled

3.I wrote this novel because I like kingdom building and system novels and couldn't find new ones

4. I know that the chapters are short and hopefully I will start adding more words in future 1000 world average. Thank you for your time
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    《The Ultimate kingdom system》