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The Ultimate kingdom system
Author :sudiotaku
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3 Ch3

"How did you do that" Shane asked with

Shaking hands, he still couldn't believe what he saw, the system was one of the things he could trust , it's the thing that gave him his power and ensured that he survived, it made him sick to his stomach that someone

Could control him like puppet, that thought made scared.

Ares laughed " don't worry , you could think of me as an admin, I can't control the system "

Shane sighed in relief at least she can't control him directly.

"now then let's get down to business you just finished an A+ quest , the reward for that quest was one wish so go ahead, but I do have to remind you that your wish can't be over the top ,like unlimited power or anything like that, that's why I needed to be here because the system would have granted you any wish ,so what's your wish"

Ares looked at Shane waiting for an answer,

Shane on the other hand was thinking

{ what should I wish for, I could wish for all humans to be revived. But that wouldn't help

The other races are still be way stronger , even if I gave humans a decade they still will be the weakest power,the problem is in the starting line,even though the other races had infighting as well its not as severe as humans, maybe I should go back in time and warn them,

that wouldn't work they will not listen to me without enough power and influence , then there's only one way' Shane squeezed his fists and made a decision that will Change humanity fate ' I WILL UNITE THEM WITH ANY MEANS POSSIBLE EVEN IF IT MEANS KILLING THEM ALL}Shane lifted his head and looked at Ares and said " can you send me back in time?" His face was full of hope.

Ares smiled " wish day?"

"Two days before humanity was teleported "

His face was determined with not even a shard of hesitation.

"Okay " she lifted her fair hands and started doing symbols.

while looking at the symbols that Ares was creating

Shane started having doubts ' just those symbols can reverse time ? ' . Ares looked at him and it seemed like she knew what he was thinking because she winked at him and started to move the symbols that she created,she put them in a door like pattern. And as soon as she put the last piece the mana around the room started to gather and condense in to a liquid like state .

Shane seeing the huge amount of mana was appalled, you have to know that mana came as gas so for it condense like that meant there was a huge amount of mana of the highest quality, because if the mana had huge amount impurities it will not turn to liquidate stat no matter the amount even if it was infinite amount of mana , so that spoke about the quality of the mana in the room, and considering the size of the room if someone told Shane that the mana in this room was the purest mana in the world he would not even for a second question that.

Ares looked at the mana door and nodded in satisfaction ,she turned around and looked at Shane ,and saw the excitement in his eyes.

Shane looked at her and said " do I enter the door ?"

Ares rolled her eyes " if you enter now it will only bring you back to yesterday morning "

Shane was shocked " all this pure mana and it will only bring me back to yesterday?"

"Of course, if it was that easy then everyone one would be a time traveler "

Shane scratched his head in embarrassment,

But he still said said " one day is still a lot of time,people could change the outcome of battles with that amount of time "


Passing over the difficulty of finding the spell

,do you know anyone that could do that amount of symbols,and even if they did by some miracle have the ability to do so,where would the find mana as pure as is the one in my domain,

fuck it let say the did find mana as pure as mine where would the find the same quantity

And even if the had used all the luck in the fucking world and found the same quantity it's only 24 hours, if the have the same quality and quantity of mana then there would be no need to go back in time , because the power the have will be enough to destroy the world."

Ares puffed her cheeks as she bellowed.

Shane was surprised he didn't not think about that. He looked at her and realized that her face was pale ' it must have been draining to use this spell ' he felt a little bit bad but then

He thought that if he had that sort of power humanity would have been the strongest power in the world and no one would even dared to challenge it. "Cough....cough ...COUGH, hey dumbass "

A voice interrupted his train of thought,looking up he saw Ares stretching her hand at him , he gave her a puzzled look and just as he was about to ask her . He heard A notification.

Ding *

[ares the goddess of war wish's to use your one wish to use time magic do you accept ?

Yes Or No ]

" I accept " said Shane. Ares smiled and touched his head, just from her palm touching his forehead he was surprised at how soft and tender her palm is , her being that close to him meant that he could smell her fragrance , it was not overpowering , it was soft and ease on the nose just smelling it made his hart pound like it was a beating drum ,

But sadly the content was short and she lifted her hand and out with it came a ball of light , the light from. The ball was the brightest light that he has ever seen even brighter than the sun ,but for some reason he could look at it directly with out it burning his eyes, and contrary to what you might think it was not hot , if was warm,and just by being close to it he could feel his injuries heal ...

Back to the point Ares throw the ball at the door and it landed on top of it neatly, and as soon as it did a terrifying amount of mana gushed out , it was so terrifying the Shane almost shat his pans and passed out, he was horrified,he turned his head and looked at Ares to ask what the heck is that , but when he saw her he was surprised ,because although she looked clam on the surface

He could tell she was not, the reason was that if you looked at her eyes you could see fear and dread

, even her arms were shaking .

Thankfully as soon as it came out it returned and entered the door, and with it the door started to brighten up.

Ares sighed with relief " thank havens nothing went wrong, will we wait can I ask you a question?" She turned to Shane,

"Of course " Shane answered after he calmed down a bit

"What is your plan when you come back?"

"Unite humanity "

"What if the disagree with you and started fighting you?"

" I will fight and them until the agree or I kill them my self."

"What if all of them don't agree? Are going to kill them all"she looked at Shane.

Shane was silent for a moment then looked at the door and saw it let up he walked towards it said without looking back

"It will not be the first time that I be the the last human " and entered the through the door.

Looking at the now closing door Ares smiled and looked up ,

'I look forward to see how far will you go'
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    《The Ultimate kingdom system》