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The Ultimate kingdom system
Author :sudiotaku
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4 Ch.4

As soon as he passed through the door,shane was greeted with a long white hallway,looking through the hallway he could see paintings hung on either side of the hallway,walking close to one he saw a forest with a man sitting there bleeding, Shan was shocked that man was he himself ,that was just before he entered Ares room, lifting his hand to touch the painting he felt like someone was drilling his brain, he immediately tried to move his hand way but couldn't ,it felt as though his hand was fused with the painting, as he was trying to remove his hand the drilling continued,Shane felt started to grind his teeth in agony,multiple times he wanted to yell but didn't because of his instinct the he shouldn't yell , as he was trying his best not to yell the pain just stopped he looked up and was shocked to realize that painting was missing,the frame was still there but the painting itself was not . Shane looked at it puzzled then his eyes brightened up because he realized that when he was thinking of the painting ( the memory it self) it was crystal clear he could even remember the feeling of the grass beneath he even know the number of tree leaves some thing that he was not capable of doing when he was there himself,

And not only that he could even remember stuff that happened leading up to that point like being hunted and running,falling in to the pocket dimension.

"That's crazy " Shane was surprised looking around he realized that every painting in the hallway was a major event that happened in his life, from coming to this world to falling in love to love ones dying. Let at the paintings

Shane sighed " this going to hurt a lot ,but it will be my grates weapon in this time line " he then started waking to each painting and touching it you could see the agony in his face while he was doing it.

"Finally, I am never going to do this again "

Even though Shane was saying that you could see the excitement in his eyes,underneath his exhaustion of course,because he could remember everything from when he teleported here until now what he eat how he talked to even when he went to the bathroom he could remember it all .

Reaching the end of the hallway he could see an iron door he grabbed the Handel and opened the door only to see darkness he could not see anything, and before he could register what is happening he felt something pushed him out.

When he was he didn't feel fear or danger he just felt calm for some reason, being enveloped in darkness he couldn't see anything around him that continued for a while until he saw a light far away from him he started 'swimming ' towards it with every thing he got, and the closer he got to it the higher the pressure he felt he could even feel his legs breaking off then his abdomen but for some reason that didn't bother him, it felt natural as though that was should have happened, he continued pushing toward the light even though he was a head at this point ,he continued until his nose touched the light,then everything stopped and he fell unconscious.

When he woke up what greeted him was small room with computer on the table in the corner he looked around his old room then looked to the table beside him and saw his old phone he smiled and lifted it to his face and opened the camera put it on self mode the he saw a 18 years old boy he started laughing "I am back "

Then tears started falling down his face " I am back I will change what happened none of my friends will die without a reason because there weak nor will humanity destroyed I will stop this all or die trying "
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    《The Ultimate kingdom system》