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The Ultimate kingdom system
Author :sudiotaku
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5 Ch.5

"Arhhhhhhh" Shane yelled as loud as he could "I don't have time for crying I need to start preparing before Humanity gets teleported "

Ding *

[ system update done waiting for host acceptance for installation]

Shane was just about to agree ,when he realized something weird " hold on I went back in Time how do I still have the system with me when it will only be given to me when humanity was teleported , also I am pretty sure my body was destroyed so how could I still have the system installed ?"

[ responding to host the system was installed in your soul so even if your body is destroyed you would still have the system]

"That makes sense when yo... WAITIN did you just respond to my then system never used to do that " Shane was surprised usually that system doesn't respond to anything if it's host was dying.

[ responding to host usually the system is in half locked state because no host would have a strong enough of a soul to handle the fully unlocked system, host on the other hand because you traveled back in time and merged with your young soul,you have just enough for the system to be fully unlocked].

"Oh will that makes sense and theirs no reason for me to question any further "

Shane said while he nodded his head.

[host didn't answer do you accept the update?]

"O yeah yeah of course I accept "

As soon as he said that he heard a sound that sounded like a lock being unlocked.

'Clik '

[ system updated , state a main mission for the system]

{Hmm What should I ask for , will since I already set a goal for my self to unit humanity so I should make it the main mission for the system, but I should be careful of how I frame the answer,because if I just say unit humanity it doesn't grantee the survival of humanity ,

Then there's only one way to go about this}

Shane then closed his eyes and inhaled then exhaled to calm him self down then opened his eyes "set main mission to build the ultimate kingdom "


[ main mission set , changing system to fit the mission requirements, system transformed to the ultimate kingdom building system]

[ king quality's quest chin started : quest scenario king's emotions]
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    《The Ultimate kingdom system》