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The Ultimate kingdom system
Author :sudiotaku
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6 Ch.6

Shane lifted an eyebrow "scenario quest? What's that "

Ding*[ scenario quest are quest that take place in an inclosed dimension ,that doesn't have any relation to earth or the new world and will not have any direct effect on them]

Listening to the system Shane was surprised ,he had heard about quest with a time limit and event quests, but quest that have a hole dimension for it ,that was a first .

Shane was excited but then he realized something { I only have 48 hours before being teleported,maybe I should but it on hold for now, but let's see the estimated time complete the quest if I could finish it in short amount of time the benefits would help a lot }. Shane then cleared his throat " system what's the estimated time needed finish the king quality quest line "

Beep*[ responding to host it's depends on the host and that specific quest ,but based on the system estimates 15 minuets]. Shane sighed a sigh of relief and smiled,but before he could accept the system broke his smile

[ from 15 minuets to 188 years]

Shane laughed a dry laugh " 188 years!, by that time humanity would have already been destroyed and forgotten " Shane sighed and was about to refuse the system quest when the system chimed in

[ reporting to host, time works differently in that dimension depending on the quest ,but relative to earth and the other world Time would stand still in them so even if user stayed in the scenario quest for a thousand years it will not move even for a second]

Shane laughed and said "then what are we waiting for let's get going " as soon as he said that he was surrounded with blinding light and got teleported .

After the light started despite he looked around,he was in a majestic hall and all around him were walls that were imbedded with precious gems , looking up at the ceiling he saw a painting of a dragon with it's open mouth facing the floor

And on top of it's head there was writing written in gold ' the kingdom of mejd doesn't bow down to any one '

Seeing the imposing dragon and the written words Shane felt his blood boiling.

Then Shane realized that he was sitting on a throne and propped up next to the throne was a scepter that had a dragon twisted on to it from the bottom of the scepter to the top ,with the dragon's head laying on top of the scepter facing away from Shane , wanting to hold the scepter Shane raised his hand towards it only to realize that his hand was weird, it was a soft white hand , his hand was so soft and white it was as though he never went outside or did anything that requires physical effort, and the weirdest thing was that it was small as though he was 10 or 12 years old.

Shane was startled , then looked down at his body then he broke out in cold sweat, because his body was that of a child . Shane cursed { What the hell how did I become a child and also where the fuck am I }

Ding *

[ responding to host you are in the scenario quest set in the kingdom of mejd ~مجد~ meaning honor or glory , the kingdom of mejd is one of the six most powerful kingdoms, but unfortunately the late king didn't have a child until he was an old man but the gods took pity on him because lord and behold the queen gave birth to baby be boy . Unfortunately he passed away when you were 4 years old , but before he died he named you his successor and said " I named you majd~ماجد~ after our kingdom's name and also because I want you to continue it's glory " then that old fart died , but considering that you were 4 years and couldn't ascend until you were 10 years old you had to wait. but taking advantage of that the ministers and generals took advantage of that to gain benefits,but that also was a spark that started infighting and political struggles in your kingdom leading to riots and the other kingdoms invading your kingdom in its time of weakness . But there's good news you are only three days away from reaching 10 years , after reaching it you will have the right to take the throne.]

Listening to the system Shane had a headache from the complicated situation, because he realized even if he reached ten years old that doesn't mean he will have control over the kingdom, and he was sure as hell that those greedy officials will not give him a chance .

Shane sighed { best case scenario one of them will use me as a puppet king}

He asked the system, "What do I need to do to finish the quest exactly?"

Ding *

[ depending on how you finish the quest you will have rewards different reward tiers:

F:get killed or get turned in to a puppet king ( this will be considered a failure)

E:control the generals and ministers

D: control the generals and ministers and stop the riots

C: control the generals and ministers and stop the riots and get back the land that the other kingdom took

B:do all of the above and force the other kingdoms to pay for the damages that they did

A: do all of the above and Invade one of the kingdoms

S: do all of the above and conquer one of the kingdoms


Hint: the name of the quest is a king emoticon. For Example :ruthlessness and cunningness and magnanimity and calmness]
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    《The Ultimate kingdom system》