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The Ultimate kingdom system
Author :sudiotaku
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7 Ch 7

Looking at the reward tiers Shane face turned

Serious, these rewards could make a huge difference, don't be fooled in to thinking that Shane's ambition for uniting humanity is easy, forget about the wars and schemes that will happen,just based on the resources needed , the difficulty could be imagined , so if the rewards are proportional to the difficulty then that could help a lot.

Shane then felt anxious, that surprised him , based on the things he saw he shouldn't be anxious, then he smiled { heh , probably the remains of majed soul }. Shane then closed his eyes, you could hear the sound of something popping, Shane then opened his eyes and breathed out , smiling he said " sorry kid but I can't have you corrupt my way of thinking it's what insured my survival until now" .

Shane then sat straight on his throne and entered into deep in thought { now then I have three days until the ceremony,well two and a half if you count today, what should I do?, thankfully the young king left me some memories,even though more than half of them are rumors, it's still gives me a rough idea on what's going on } .

Thinking about the memories of 'the young king'

Shane fell into deep thoughts again,

The king would start his day on his king sized bed with a bunch of beautiful ladies sleeping on the same bed ,then he will go to the bathroom were he will have maids clean him and dress him up ,then he will have breakfast and a cup of wain then through out the day he will drink and party with his harem . And that's basically his routine, the only exception being the day the officials gather where he will not even dare to touch a single drop of alcohol.

Recalling the king's memories Shane shook his head { they're obviously trying to drown him in pleasure , especially with a kid his age who is still developing the damage and is easily manipulated, he would've been a puppet king at best} . Shane sighed but remembering that today is the day that the officials gather at his eyes brightened.

{ considering that I don't have any power at hand I will need to relay on some one, he has to be loyal to the late king and also straight forward}.


Shane then sat on his throne waiting as the officials started to gather , all officials greeted him when they entered, but Shane realized that the will not bow to him they will just great with nod and nothing else, then the either set in silence or start talking to each other not paying him any mind .

If it was the Young king he would smiled on outside but would have been boiling in anger at the inside, Shane on the other hand was smiling on the outside and the inside, because this means that they're not playing him any attention which will give him more breathing room .

Moving on ,when all of the officials have entered the room the throne room door was closed, the officials started taking about different policies , obviously they started arguing soon after for their own benefits,some agreeing some disagreeing, seeing this Shane thought { they're way past gone, I've seen this greedy look on those greedy a#$holes back at the other world, I guess extermination is the way to go with them} Shane then started looking at crowd to look for a good candidate to gain power from , scanning the crowd Shane eyes rested on a middle aged man sitting quietly with his eyes closed seemingly not interested in gaining any benefits . Shane eyes brightened {bingo} .

Recalling his memories he knew some information about him. He is Arin Hanson the city's defense general , he started in the military working his way through the ranks into a general, as a general he had a plethora of merits under his belt , according to rumors he didn't want to be the general responsible for the city 's defense but the king insisted on it , and because of his loyalty to the king he eventually accepted it, the kingdom's nobles were happy with this because of his personality, he wasn't interested in politics and was indifferent to their power struggle.

Shane knew that he found the right person because contrary to the rumors from what Shane saw he wasn't indifferent to the power struggle, not because of greed but because of anger, he was anger at officials for everything that happened to the kingdom since the king passed away. { his loyalty is admirable, and he cares for this kingdom greatly} Shane curled his lip slightly, all he needed to do is to get his attention,how do get the attention of a guy like that?, easy the answer is, killing intent .

Shane then released a slight killing intent directed at him , he knew a general like him how has bathed in blood will be sensitive about this type of thing.

And as expected it worked he opened his eyes a little and looked around for the source of the killing intent, seeing coming from the king he was surprised { that disgraced of a prince has killing intent?, he never even left the place his hole life.} while he was thinking the killing intent disappeared then not even half a minute later reappeared then disappeared the appeared a couple more time then disappeared completely and didn't come back again.

{ is he trying to send me a message, I will have to talk to him after those disgusting pigs leave} after that he closed his eyes like nothing happened.

After the officials left arin reentered the throne room and saw the young prince sitting on the throne with his eyes closed, hearing his footsteps the young prince opened his eyes and looked at him, looking at his eyes arin saw his eyes he was surprised they looked crystal clear unlike before when they were muddled and filled with lust and fear this time the looked clam and focused like he could see through any thing.

Arin" What did you need me for your highness "

Shane was direct and went straight for the topic " What's your a opinion on the kingdom's current situation?"

Arin " horrible but what can I do about it?"

Shane said " in three days I will have the right to be king "

Arin looked at Shane and sighed " well the officials allow you to take back their power after the have tasted it?"

Shane " I will force them"

Arin looked at Shane and said "and if the disagree "

Shane looked at his eyes and said " then I will exterminate them"

Arin then laughed and stood up " I was a fool to waist my time, you say you are going to exterminate them when you never left the place, hek you didn't even see blood and you're trying to convince me to help you "

Then he drew a six inch dagger and through it Shane's feet and asked him " can you even left this ?" Shane looked at the dagger at his feet calmly and bent down to get it, lifting it up with difficulty. " see you can barely left it, waste of my time " then Arin scoffed and turned around to leave, just as he walked to steps he heard a sound,

CHINK (sfx)

he heard a cutting sound , he turned around only to see Shane had just cut his own pinky,

Arin saw Shane then cut a piece of his clothing and bandage his wound, then he picked up his bloody pinky and the dagger and walked up to him and garbed his hand and put his pinky and the dagger in Arin hand and looked at him in the eyes and smiled

And said " a king should be ruthless, if I could be ruthless to my self I can be ruthless to them, keep this finger with you if you ever doubt my ruthlessness "
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    《The Ultimate kingdom system》