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The Ultimate kingdom system
Author :sudiotaku
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8 Ch.8

Arin looked at the young prince No the young king , he looked at his eyes and only saw those calm golden eyes as though the finger that was cut wasn't his , suddenly he felt felt his blood started to boil,{ if anybody can change this kingdom it will be him } thinking of this Arin looked at the young king and knelt " general greets his king"

Shane looked at him and smiled and bent down to help him up " get up general we have a lot to do "

Arin got up , he looked different,if before he was sheathed sword now he's a drawn sword that aimed at the heavens ready at it's master call to destroy the heavens.

Arin looked at Shane with his right fist on his hart " What are planning my king "

Shane smiled and waved his " we can talk about that later, what I am interested in is how many captains that are responsible for the noble district that you have under you?"

Arin looked puzzled but still answered " four my king "

Shane nodded " good , what house do think has the strongest contacts and resources?"

Arin didn't answer immediately and thought for a while then answered " probably the Raisingbear house ."

Shane said " good ,then I want you to ask each one them separately to raid a different vessels of the Raisingbear house, make sure they think the other captains are going to raid the same vessel as them "

Arin looked at the king with brightened eyes , he understood the king's intention ,with this plan if there is any spy this will root them out ,

Arin bowed to Shane " as you command my liege "

Shane laughed and said" make sure you don't give them their mission officially keep it under the table "

Arin " yes my liege " and walked out


Arin went back to the city guards headquarters late at night and went to each of the four captains responsible for the noble district and gave them their orders

" you are to go to house robin at dawn and siege their front gate ,the other captains will be responsible for surrounding the house exit points ,this operation is a a secret operation so don't gather any men other than the ones in your own unit "

" you are to go to house loinbane at dawn and siege their front gate ... "

" you are to go to house sneezeing pigeon at dawn and siege their front gate ... "

" you are to go to house wolfhart at dawn and siege their front gate ... "

Arin gave them their command and went back to his office and sat on his chair satisfied { and now we wait for them to give their self up} Arin waited until two hours before dawn , when his assistant entered with a pale face " sir , duke Brandy of the raisingbear hous is here, and he seemed mad , he asked for a meting , should I let him in?! " Arin closed the document that he was reading and said " yes , invite the duke in " .

The assistant nodded and ran outside to bring the duke, one minute later the assistant entered with a middle aged man behind him from his face you could see his anger, but Arin didn't care he gave him the same face he gave every noble he saw, which is a deadpan face ,he looked at the duke and said with disinterested face " What can a do for you duke brandy?"

Brandy looked at Arin and said " I have heard a rumor going on that you planned a raid on house robin may I know why ?" .

You may ask your self how could he be that stupid to come immediately after hearing the news, isn't that stupid?, well no ,if it's any one else the duke would have been more cautious but considering that the person he is talking to is Arin ( someone not interested in politics or power) he let his guard down.

Arin looked at him and said " you're information is wrong we are not planning anything, and considering the king's ceremony coming soon it will be bad luck to spell blood."

The duke looked at Arin for a while then sighed " thank you for your time general " he then walked out and sighed again in his hart , he knew he fell into the general trap .

As soon as the duke left Arin told his assistant to gather the captains and there vice captains

To his office.

After the captains were gathered Arin orders them to follow him , and even though the captains knew something was up the could do nothing about it.

Arin then lead them to the palace dungeon and into a secluded cell and entered with the captains and their vices behind them , entering the sell they saw a table that was low to the ground and a chair on the chair sat a 9 years old boy, and as soon as Arin saw the boy he bowed "my liege "

Shane smiled and said " please raise general " then he looked at the captains around Arin they were surprised looking at him , what was the young prince doing down in the dungeon? But before they continued their train of thought they heard Arin

Arin said" ATTENTION!"

All of them straightened their body, Arin then said "captain mark "

The captain answered " present "

Arin then said to the other captains " tie him to the table " mark was startled and turned around to run only to see the door is blocked

And before he could think of something different to say the other captains and the vice captains jumped him and dragged him to the table and tied him down to it .

Seeing this Shane nodded in satisfaction and looked at mark and stuffed his mouth with a cloth, then he looked at the captains and said " hello everyone , as you all know I am your soon to be king, and as a king , one of the things I think is important is loyalty, so when I found out that mark had his loyalty with a different master I was sad " when the captains heard that they had cold sweat on their back , the operation was just a front the real reason was to check their loyalty, but they also breathed in relief at least they didn't do anything stupid.

Shane seeing there reactions smiled and continued " Of course we tested you with house raisingbear this time, how knows maybe if we tried it with a different house the captain that would be tied to the table would be different " as he said that his eyes scanned the crowd with cold glint that made the captains shudder . After a moment of silence Shane laughed " of course that just hypothetically nothing serious, but as a friendly reminder check your loyalty "

Shane then clapped and turned around and looked at mark and " hello mark , did you know your betrayal made sad" as he said that Shane looked sad and shook his head but then his face brightened and he smiled warmly " but considering that today you will help me I forgive you " as he was saying that he took out a ' toolbox ' and put it on the table next to mark and said " you see mark I had this toolbox for a while because I was interested in learning how to torture people, but the problem is that I have Theoretical knowledge but no actual experience,so today I am thankful to you for the experience , but considering my lack of experience I might be a little clumsy so do tell me if you have any advice " Shane smiled and started to unravel his toolbox, not caring about mark obvious struggle or the pale faces of the captains and vice captains
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    《The Ultimate kingdom system》