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The Ultimate kingdom system
Author :sudiotaku
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9 Ch.9

Shane took a scalpel then sled it across mark's face from his forehead till his shin , then sled his finger in to the wound ignoring mark muffed scream , he turned and looked at one of the captains and said " come here, I am going to give you your reward " with an ample smile on his face, the captain was startled but still came closer to the table, Shane nodded " good, now take of your gloves I don't want them to be ruined " the captain shudder and looked at mark tied to the table with fear in his eyes,but he still took them off, Shane then said to him " now as you can see I lived in the palace my whole life so could you be kind and remove his left eyeball for me ?" The captain face drained of color, he was afraid not just because of the command it was because he could have been in mark's place, and that's thought was shared with the rest of the captains, the captain clenched his teeth and stretched his hand to one of the tools on the table and just as he was about to touch it he heard Shane saying " ah, with your hand please, I am afraid that you might damage the eyeball with the tools " .


Three hours later Shane and the captains left the room ,all of the captains looked pale some of them even vomited .

Arin looked at them and said " you all are military men how can you're guts be this weak , anyway all of you are dismissed "

Even though he said that his face was a little pale as well.

The captains as though they were give pardon quickly gave a salute to him and Shane and left , and as soon as they left Shane line of sight he could hear them running, Shane chuckled and turned to Arin and said " come general I will give you my plan for the ceremony day " and walked away Arin quickly followed him.

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    《The Ultimate kingdom system》