The Ultimate kingdom system
10 Ch.9 second issue
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The Ultimate kingdom system
Author :sudiotaku
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10 Ch.9 second issue

Looking at arin's back will he's leaving the throne room Shane was deep in his thoughts 'now that I'm done with that its time to deal with second issue ' Shane punched the air and shook his head ,"Sigh ,what did I expect from an underaged body that did nothing but drink and party , I need a way to build this body up ,witch cultivation technique should I use ? ", thinking about techniques Shane sighed,all of the cultivation techniques that Shane know's came from humanity's sweat and blood, after the teleportation humanity realized that they're not the strongest nor the fastest race so they started developing cultivation technique ,some were from scratch some form old ruins , Shane scratched his jaw 'what technique should I use, I need something to would rebuild this body and to get powerful enough to deal with what's coming' thinking about this Shane started to filter through technique he knew that could help him," I have techniques that will make me stronger but it takes way to much time to get it to a satisfying level " thinking of this Shane knew that he had to use one of the dangerous techniques, he remembered a technique that he could reach and advance level in a month , it's called ~heaven's wrath ~ it's called heaven's wrath because of two reason , the first is that the way to use this technique is to kill a another human being and steal their blood essence and the more you take the stronger you will get, the second reason is because the user will get stronger quickly and he's taking another human being Essence , they will only have ten years to live , hence heaven's wrath, that's also the reason Shane didn't want to use this technique to being with,but remembering that this is not his body he didn't care.

Upon picking the technique Shane didn't waste any more time and called one of the guards, " call captain Tom here for me please "

The guard bowed to him and left to get the captain, Tom is one of the captains that was down in the dungeon, after Shane finished with mark and made sure everyone did something he arranged for there to be a captain in the palace at all times and for the guards in the palace to be replaced with guards that are loyal to him ( to the captains) .

Tom came in and bowed to Shane even though he looked calm Shane could see fear in his eyes," What is your command my king "

Shane smiled and said " everyday bring six male and female death row prisoners to the dungeon from now on, and if there isn't any kidnap gang members from the slums, if they raped or killed anyone" .

Hearing Shane orders Tom shudder but still nodded and left.

Looking at Tom leavening Shane chuckled and said

" now I need a sword " saying that Shane stood up and left the throne room and headed to the imperial treasury .

Entering the treasury Shane passed by the neatly staked gold coins without even looking at them heading straight for the armory section, reaching it Shane was honestly disappointed, although the weapons in there had beauty and grace it didn't have substance, it was as though they were showcase swords not killing swords and what Shane needed is a killing sword . disappointed Shane turned around and

Just as Shane was about to leave and ask one of the captains to get a smith to forge a sword for him Shane paused , looking behind him saw an armor stand and strapped on it was a sword , hane could see a sword hilt sticking out, Shane walked up to it and untied the sword from the armor , as he did the sword fell to the floor,he tried to catch it but it's wight pulled him down with it , getting up Shane coughed violently and waved his hand in front of his face to clear the dust away, Shane smiled bitterly " this body is way to weak I can't even left a sword properly " Shane sighed then unsheathed the sword, seeing the sword Shane smiled ,it wasn't because it's a beautiful sword or legendary one , it was just a plane steel sword about 1 meter in height and 5 inches in width, what Shane liked about this sword is that it was obviously used in wars, as it had a faint smell of blood, Shane touched the edge of the sword with his finger , lifting his finger Shane saw a drop of blood falling from his finger , nodding in satisfaction Shane smiled " only thing left is to wait in the dungeon at midnight ".
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    《The Ultimate kingdom system》