Their Reasons
2 The Child
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Their Reasons
Author :ThisPrince
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2 The Child

It was really hot. And I mean really hot. It felt like it hadn't rained in forever! I actually don't remember the last time it rained anymore. Our parents always describe the rain when they wrap us up. The sun is too hot, so we have to remain wrapped up. Can't expose even a bit of skin.

I heard the adults talking the other day. They are worried about food and water. They were talking about eating us! I gathered all the other kids as fast as I could, and we tried to escape, but we were captured.

My mom looked at me with sad eyes. She was the only one. Everyone else just looked at us like prey.

Then they tore us apart.

I don't remember what happened next. All I know is when we woke up, mom was the only adult left. I looked around, and I was shocked. All the other kids had burned skin!

Mom calmed all of us down and helped us rewrap our bandages. She told us the others were fought off, and we didn't need to worry anymore.

All of a sudden, a lake sprouted right out of the ground! Trees and grass and flowers showed up too! It was amazing! Mom told us we have to protect this place, and that she would protect us.

Mom is really good at healing. The only problem is I seem to be forgetting a lot lately.

All I can remember now is to protect mom, and protect our home.
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