Their Reasons
3 The Preistess
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Their Reasons
Author :ThisPrince
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3 The Preistess

Oh, Holy God, Thou name shalt not be mentioned by my dirty lips. Please forgive your child, for she has sinned.
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These were the last words spoken by the Preistess Tala. She had been forced upon in the holiest of places, the place she was supposed to be safe.

As if in answer, it rained. As it rained, none could leave the church. As time passed, many had tried, but the rain acted as a barrier. The people inside grew hungrier and hungrier, but the food got less and less.

The people inside became restless. Why was this happening? Then they found the Preistess in her room, hanging from the ceiling. After finding her, people started disappearing.

It started with the youngest. He was never found. They searched everywhere. The next day two more went missing, then four.

Finally, on the eighth day, only the head Preist was left. His surroundings were quiet. He thought he could rest easy when she appeared. She was still just as beautiful as when she had died.

She had been showing up at the Preist's bed every day since the rain started. And she continued to show up.

She haunted him until his death, where she finally smiled. Then, a hound appeared at her feet.

Don't stay the night.


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