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War Sovereign Soaring The Heavens
Author :Feng Qin Yang
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2832 Murong Bing

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The green-clad girl stopped in her tracks and turned around. She asked angrily, So what youre saying is Theres a woman whos more beautiful than my Third Senior Sister? In her eyes, her Third Senior Sister was the most beautiful woman she had ever seen. No other woman could compare to her Third Senior Sister. Moreover, her Third Senior Sister was extremely talented so she has regarded her Third Senior Sister as an idol since she was a child. How could she not be upset when she heard people saying there was someone more beautiful than her Third Senior Sister?

Lyu Luo

When the green-clad girl stopped moving, the other nine women stopped and turned to look at her.

The purple-clad woman looked at the green-clad girl and said with a smile, The Six Southeastern Regions is vast, let alone the entire Spirit Overarching Heaven. Its only natural that there are women more beautiful than your Third Senior Sister. Clearly, she did not take the passersbys words to heart.

Third Senior Sister, I dont believe theres anyone more beautiful than you! The green-clad girl pouted.

One of the women who had remained since the beginning chimed in, Junior Sister Lyu, beauty is in the eye of the beholder Although they think the other woman is more beautiful than Junior Sister Bing, it doesnt mean that everyone feels the same way.

Thats right, Xiao Ping, the young woman who had quibbled with the green-clad girl earlier, said, Sister Lyu, I disagree with what they said as well Moreover, Junior Sister Bing is wearing a veil. They cant see her appearance so its only natural that they came to this conclusion. Didnt they say the woman is from the Tai Yi Celestial Sect? We can always master to bring us to visit the people from the Tai Yi Celestial Sect. At that time, well be able to see that woman and compare her beauty to Junior Sister Bing.

At this moment, the purple-clad woman said, Junior Sister Lyu Luo, Senior Sister Xiao Ping, Senior Sister Yu Huan Lets not keep senior aunt, junior grandaunt, and the four Celestial Alchemists waiting. Lets go. Then, she added, I, myself, dont care about these things. Why do you guys care about it so much?

Binger is right She doesnt care about these silly things. Why are three of you so angry? Lets go, the beautiful white-clad woman who seemed like the leader of the group said before she walked into the inner part of Alchemy City.

The three old women, two middle-aged women, and the purple-clad woman followed after the white-clad womans footsteps.

Xiao Ping, Yu Huan, and Lyu Luo exchanged a look before Xiao Ping and Yu Huan followed the rest of the group as well.

Only Lyu Luo remained unmoving. She glared at the young man who had brought the topic and said, After I visit the woman from the Tai Yi Celestial Sect, if I find shes not as beautiful as my Third Senior Sister, you better pray that you dont run into me. Otherwise, Id beat you up every time we meet! Remember My name is Lyu Luo, and Im the last disciple of Wang Dan Feng, the second Guardian of Compassionate Celestial Traveler Sect! After warning the young man, she left.

It took a while before the crowd regained their senses.

Did she say shes the last disciple of Wang Dan Feng, the second Guardian of the Compassionate Celestial Traveler Sect?

It seems like theyre really from the Compassionate Celestial Traveler Sect!

So the purple-clad woman whom the green-clad girl refers to as Third Senior Sister is really Murong Bing of the Compassionate Celestial Traveler Sect? From what I know, Murong Bing is the third direct disciple of Wang Dan Feng.

The Compassionate Celestial Traveler Sects second Guardian, Wang Dan Feng Isnt she the only daughter of the Ten Directions Celestial Duke in the Compassionate Celestial Traveler Sect?

I heard that the Ten Directions Celestial Duke of Compassionate Celestial Traveler Sect is the only man in the sect. Hes not a real member of the sect, hes just a sort of guardian of the sect. After all, his wife is the former Sect Leader of the Compassionate Celestial Traveler Sect. He had promised his wife that he would spend the rest of his life protecting the Compassionate Celestial Traveler Sect.

Now that the people from the Compassionate Celestial Traveler Sect are here, ten of the top sects in the Six Southeastern Regions have arrived.

As the Alchemy Conference draws closer, more and more people from the top sects will arrive I wonder whether Sun Chao, the Chief Celestial Alchemist of the Blazing Sun Celestial Sect, will be crowned the Most Skilled Prominent Celestial Alchemist during the Alchemy Conference again.

If Sun Chao is acknowledged as the most skilled prominent Celestial Alchemist again, his standing in the Six Southeastern Regions as a Celestial Alchemist would be further cemented.

How exciting! Theres roughly a month left before the start of the Alchemy Conference!

Gradually, the crowds topic changed. After all, the Compassionate Celestial Traveler Sect from the General Region was not the only top sect that would come to Alchemy City.


Senior Sister, that guy said another woman is more beautiful than you Arent you upset at all? Lyu Luo asked in confusion as she looked at Murong Bing who was walking next to her. If she were in Murong Bings shoes, she would definitely feel upset.

There is nothing to be upset about. Murong Bing shook her head slightly. Her expression was as calm as usual.

Why? Lyu Luo asked again.

Because Im, indeed, not as beautiful as the woman from the Tai Yi Celestial Sect, Murong Bing said. Then, she added, Even if shes not more beautiful, I still wouldnt care about what others say about me. Itd be too tiring to care about what everyone says.

What?! Lyu Luo did not seem to hear the latter half of Murong Bings words. She was shocked by Murong Bing saying the other woman from the Tai Yi Celestial Sect was, indeed, more beautiful. An expression of disbelief appeared on her face as she asked, Senior Sister, you Did you just agree that the woman from the Tai Yi Celestial Sect is more beautiful than you?


It was not only Lyu Luo who was shocked by Murong Bings words, but the others, including the Sect Leader of the Compassionate Celestial Traveler Sect, turned to look at Muring Bing in shock as well.

Junior Sister Bing are you joking? Xiao Ping looked incredulous. Theres someone even more beautiful than you? Unbelievable!

Yu Huan also looked at Murong Bing in surprise. For Xiao Ping and Yu Huan, Murong Bing was the most beautiful woman they had seen in their lives. Even as women themselves, they admired Murong Bings beauty.

The old woman whom Murong Bing referred to as junior grandaunt could not help but ask in surprise, Binger, have you seen that woman from Tai Yi Celestial Sect? She was also the one whose gaze sent chills running up peoples spines.

Junior grandaunt, I havent seen her before. Murong Bing shook her head.

Third Senior Sister, since you havent seen her, how can you say that youre not as beautiful as her? Lyu Luo asked, looking unconvinced.

Well, Sister Shu Qiu has seen her before, She said that woman is a peerless beauty, Murong Bing said with a faint smile. However, a hint of bitterness could be seen in her smile.

When Zhou Shu Qiu had told Murong Bing about the peerless beauty from the Tai Yi Celestial Sect through a Communication Celestial Talisman, Zhou Shu Qiu had also said that beautiful woman was by the side of the man whom she had dearly missed. In fact, she, herself, did know why she would miss that man so much when she had only seen him once. She had forced herself to not think about him, but it was futile. When she learned there was a woman more beautiful than her next to him, she felt her heart ache.

Sister Shu Qiu? Lyu Luo fell silent after hearing Murong Bings words. She had met Zhou Shu Qiu many times since Zhou Shu Qiu was Murong Bings best friend. Therefore, she knew Zhou Shu Qiu was a trustworthy person. If Zhou Shu Qiu had said the other woman was more beautiful, then, it had to be true.

However, Lyu Luo was still firm in her beliefs. Third Senior Sister, youll always be the most beautiful in my eyes. Even if Sister Shu Qiu says that woman is a peerless beauty, it might not be true since everyone has different preferences.

Perhaps. Murong Bing smiled faintly, Then, she looked at the Sect Leader of the Compassionate Celestial Traveler Sect and asked, Senior aunt, are we arriving soon? She changed the topic. She was clearly unwilling to discuss that subject.

At the same time, the figure of a man appeared in Murong Bings mind. Since that woman is here He must be here as well.
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    《War Sovereign Soaring The Heavens》