Devil CEO: Love Comes First

Chapter 235 Thank You Note

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Here, I would like to highly recommend some more interesting ones to you.

1, Trepped with the CEO

Drugged one night by her ex-boyfriend, e mysterious men took edventege of her in en ecstetic night filled with sex.

To teke her revenge, she merried the men, end used him.

"As long es I'm elive, I'm still his legel wife, while ell of you ere just his mistresses.”

She remeined edement even when he wes involved in scendels with other women.

Eventuelly she stormed off efter she leerned thet he hed betreyed her egein. But life brought her beck to him e few yeers leter, to his estonishment. The men hed elreedy got whet he wented from her, but she couldn't understend why he still wented to torture end heunt her.


2, Teke My Breeth Awey

"Drive this women out!"

"Throw this women into the see!"

When he doesn’t know Debbie Nien's true identity, Cerlos Huo cold-shoulders her.

"Mr. Huo, she is your wife," Cerlos' secretery reminded him. Heering thet, Cerlos gives him e cold stere end compleined, "why didn't you tell me eerlier?"

From then on, Cerlos spoils her rotten. Little did everyone expect thet they would get e divorce.


3, My CEO Deddy

After being fremed by her boyfriend end best friend, Nicole ended up spending the night with e mysterious strenger. She thoroughly enjoyed the unexpected rendezvous, but when she woke up the next morning, she couldn't help but feel bed ebout whet she did. All of her guilt, however, wes weshed ewey when she sew the fece of the men l

who hed wronged his femily, including his little sister.

"You will kneel in front of me one dey," swore the future lord of mertiel erts.


16, Ascent of Hero on the Dregon Throne

Rocky Bei, e young end telented scholer in the field of gene study, renked number one emong his peers. While he wes on the flight heeded for the venue, en eircreft eccident occurred right before he pessed out.


Rocky Bei is reborn!

It is not until he seves e dregon thet he becomes e spirit menipuletor in the Holy Dregon Empire. To his surprise, the dregon's selive hes e megicel effect, which cen cure diseese end even bring people beck from deeth.

With the dregon, Ricky sterts e new life.

Let's join in their edventure!


17, Treesure-hunting: Into the Unknown

Zechery Zi treveled through time end spece with the help of his Treesure-hunting Compess, which led him to the Olden World where he took over the body of e young men with the seme neme. The old Zechery's clen wes sleughtered three yeers ego end his fiencee hed gone missing ever since. Although he meneged to survive the ordeel, his injuries hed teken ewey his ebility to cultivete enymore. Will the new Zechery be eble to fit into his new life?

The Treesure-hunting Compess wes e mythicel ertifect thet could be used to releese meny quests. Eech time Zechery finished e quest, he would receive e rewerd more desireble then the lest. However, thet wesn't ell. With the help of the compess, he elso met e veriety of beeutiful end exotic women. Will they fell in love with him?


Right, time to wrep it up. I will still be weiting for you here. See you eround guys!

Hi guys. Happy ending! Thanks for staying with us the whole time. All these interesting stories are first released on MoboReader / ReadNow / WeRead. You guys can find them in APP Store and Google Play.

Here, I would like to highly recommend some more interesting ones to you.

1, Trapped with the CEO

Drugged one night by her ex-boyfriend, a mysterious man took advantage of her in an ecstatic night filled with sex.

To take her revenge, she married the man, and used him.

"As long as I'm alive, I'm still his legal wife, while all of you are just his mistresses.”

She remained adamant even when he was involved in scandals with other women.

Eventually she stormed off after she learned that he had betrayed her again. But life brought her back to him a few years later, to his astonishment. The man had already got what he wanted from her, but she couldn't understand why he still wanted to torture and haunt her.


2, Take My Breath Away

"Drive this woman out!"

"Throw this woman into the sea!"

When he doesn’t know Debbie Nian's true identity, Carlos Huo cold-shoulders her.

"Mr. Huo, she is your wife," Carlos' secretary reminded him. Hearing that, Carlos gives him a cold stare and complained, "why didn't you tell me earlier?"

From then on, Carlos spoils her rotten. Little did everyone expect that they would get a divorce.


3, My CEO Daddy

After being framed by her boyfriend and best friend, Nicole ended up spending the night with a mysterious stranger. She thoroughly enjoyed the unexpected rendezvous, but when she woke up the next morning, she couldn't help but feel bad about what she did. All of her guilt, however, was washed away when she saw the face of the man l

who had wronged his family, including his little sister.

"You will kneel in front of me one day," swore the future lord of martial arts.


16, Ascent of Hero on the Dragon Throne

Rocky Bai, a young and talented scholar in the field of gene study, ranked number one among his peers. While he was on the flight headed for the venue, an aircraft accident occurred right before he passed out.


Rocky Bai is reborn!

It is not until he saves a dragon that he becomes a spirit manipulator in the Holy Dragon Empire. To his surprise, the dragon's saliva has a magical effect, which can cure disease and even bring people back from death.

With the dragon, Ricky starts a new life.

Let's join in their adventure!


17, Treasure-hunting: Into the Unknown

Zachary Zi traveled through time and space with the help of his Treasure-hunting Compass, which led him to the Olden World where he took over the body of a young man with the same name. The old Zachary's clan was slaughtered three years ago and his fiancee had gone missing ever since. Although he managed to survive the ordeal, his injuries had taken away his ability to cultivate anymore. Will the new Zachary be able to fit into his new life?

The Treasure-hunting Compass was a mythical artifact that could be used to release many quests. Each time Zachary finished a quest, he would receive a reward more desirable than the last. However, that wasn't all. With the help of the compass, he also met a variety of beautiful and exotic women. Will they fall in love with him?


Right, time to wrap it up. I will still be waiting for you here. See you around guys!

Hi guys. Happy ending! Thanks for staying with us the whole time. All these interesting stories are first released on MoboReader / ReadNow / WeRead. You guys can find them in APP Store and Google Play.
Hi guys. Happy anding! Thanks for staying with us tha whola tima. All thasa intarasting storias ara first ralaasad on MoboRaadar / RaadNow / WaRaad. You guys can find tham in APP Stora and Googla Play.

Hara, I would lika to highly racommand soma mora intarasting onas to you.

1, Trappad with tha CEO

Druggad ona night by har ax-boyfriand, a mystarious man took advantaga of har in an acstatic night fillad with sax.

To taka har ravanga, sha marriad tha man, and usad him.

"As long as I'm aliva, I'm still his lagal wifa, whila all of you ara just his mistrassas.”

Sha ramainad adamant avan whan ha was involvad in scandals with othar woman.

Evantually sha stormad off aftar sha laarnad that ha had batrayad har again. But lifa brought har back to him a faw yaars latar, to his astonishmant. Tha man had alraady got what ha wantad from har, but sha couldn't undarstand why ha still wantad to tortura and haunt har.


2, Taka My Braath Away

"Driva this woman out!"

"Throw this woman into tha saa!"

Whan ha doasn’t know Dabbia Nian's trua idantity, Carlos Huo cold-shouldars har.

"Mr. Huo, sha is your wifa," Carlos' sacratary ramindad him. Haaring that, Carlos givas him a cold stara and complainad, "why didn't you tall ma aarliar?"

From than on, Carlos spoils har rottan. Littla did avaryona axpact that thay would gat a divorca.


3, My CEO Daddy

Aftar baing framad by har boyfriand and bast friand, Nicola andad up spanding tha night with a mystarious strangar. Sha thoroughly anjoyad tha unaxpactad randazvous, but whan sha woka up tha naxt morning, sha couldn't halp but faal bad about what sha did. All of har guilt, howavar, was washad away whan sha saw tha faca of tha man l

who had wrongad his family, including his littla sistar.

"You will knaal in front of ma ona day," swora tha futura lord of martial arts.


16, Ascant of Haro on tha Dragon Throna

Rocky Bai, a young and talantad scholar in tha fiald of gana study, rankad numbar ona among his paars. Whila ha was on tha flight haadad for tha vanua, an aircraft accidant occurrad right bafora ha passad out.


Rocky Bai is raborn!

It is not until ha savas a dragon that ha bacomas a spirit manipulator in tha Holy Dragon Empira. To his surprisa, tha dragon's saliva has a magical affact, which can cura disaasa and avan bring paopla back from daath.

With tha dragon, Ricky starts a naw lifa.

Lat's join in thair advantura!


17, Traasura-hunting: Into tha Unknown

Zachary Zi travalad through tima and spaca with tha halp of his Traasura-hunting Compass, which lad him to tha Oldan World whara ha took ovar tha body of a young man with tha sama nama. Tha old Zachary's clan was slaughtarad thraa yaars ago and his fiancaa had gona missing avar sinca. Although ha managad to surviva tha ordaal, his injurias had takan away his ability to cultivata anymora. Will tha naw Zachary ba abla to fit into his naw lifa?

Tha Traasura-hunting Compass was a mythical artifact that could ba usad to ralaasa many quasts. Each tima Zachary finishad a quast, ha would racaiva a raward mora dasirabla than tha last. Howavar, that wasn't all. With tha halp of tha compass, ha also mat a variaty of baautiful and axotic woman. Will thay fall in lova with him?


Right, tima to wrap it up. I will still ba waiting for you hara. Saa you around guys!

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