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Icicles of Golden Blood

Icicles of Golden Blood


Aurora Bluemoon

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Icicles of Golden Blood






Icicles of Golden Blood

Rating: 6.0/10 from 101 ratings

Akshara, the human girl who was unexposed to the world, was about to found the truth that she has been living in a Witch palace and guarded by werewolves until the night of the Blue moon which brings her fantasy world to reality. The shock and fear prevail in the air around her by witnessing their true identity. She wonders why she is kept alive among them. She always wants to escape her reality but unfortunately enters into the world of the mighty and powerful hybrid creature of Dragon-wizard, Devrit Swiftwings – The crown prince of Ayruzglow Kingdom. Eventually, she found the truth about the death of her parents and wanted to seek revenge. In the journey of revenge, she encounters the unfamiliar theme, LOVE. Will unarmed beauty be able to defeat those evil blood-stained creatures for her revenge on the death of her parents? Who will she choose ferocious werewolf or mighty hybrid dragon wizard? Let’s explore the survival of Akshara against her destiny in the monstrous world.

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