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Lucifer's Alpha Slave

Lucifer's Alpha Slave



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Lucifer's Alpha Slave






Lucifer's Alpha Slave

Rating: 6.0/10 from 88 ratings

*Warning* please this book contains explicit, BDSM and matured Erotica content. Read at your own Risk! "But I also have my own condition for you if I win," Dark said to her and once again closed the distance between them, this time he went around her, then stopped in front of her. "If I win you, you will become my slave till you die and I will you whatever way I want. I will fuck every hole you have Raziah." he added leaning closer to her face. "A sex with me isn't gentle or passionate. It's going to be a animalistic , wild, fierce and hard sex of your life, forever beautiful." He is a legend. A name Forbidden. Heartless and Darkness itself. He is an Alpha God... She is a proud Ruthless Alpha Wolf Princess who ruled all kingdoms with iron fist. Men, strong men tremble at her presence. She was feared and has been unmarried. But how did she became a Slave and a Mate to a man who was said to be a legend. A man who hated her very existence.

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