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The Hot Mess

The Hot Mess


Michelle Manisha

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The Hot Mess






The Hot Mess

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"We should stop doing this," I said. "Stop doing what?" He asked, raising a brow. "Screwing around each other. It will hurt Kelly!" "Or, you are scared to find out what you truly desire..." He raised a brow as he took a step forward, making me take a step back. "No, I don't." I tried to sound confident but he smirked at me and asked, "Oh, are you really?" I asked, "Aren't you guilty that you are breaking your bro code?" "I have already broken it and I regret nothing... Oh! Are you regretting it now?" "No..." I said but he cupped my chin and lifted it up and said, "I can read you like an open book, Sophia. You are so regretful that you don't wanna do this anymore but..." His hand sneaked inside my skirt as I moaned, "But your body wants it so badly..." I hated to admit it but he was right. I couldn't hold myself when he was near. It felt like he had some spell on me and I was chained down by him. And the worst of all, he knew it. He knew so well that he held a power over me. I looked away as a sinister grin played on his lips, "I know what you want and I know how to make you beg for it." He added another digit as I whimpered, "I love how you are scared yet you don't want to admit it. I love your body when it flinches at my single touch. You made me so addicted to you, Sophia that being regretful is not an option anymore." I looked into his eyes as his breath fell on me, now our face were so close that I almost felt intimidated by him. He said, "We both are in this hot mess together and you can't run now, Sophia. You can't run away from me." * * * Tony and Sophia are polar opposite in every aspect. Where Sophia is a hardworking woman determined to make her brother's company a hit, Tony is just a playboy playing around with every famous actress's or model's heart. Sophie is composed, workaholic and heart broken from an unrequited love from her past while Tony has never loved any woman in his entire life. After all, you can love every woman equally, why go for only one? He is a mess. A handsome mess and has only one desire to warm his bed with different woman every other day. He has money, fame and everything a guy could wish for. What happens when a lady killer, rich, spoilt billionaire who only wants to warm his bed in exchange of a simple contract? The contract which can become a great asset for Sophia's brother's company. Is it worth giving her body to her brother's one of the best buddies for her brother's company? [Spin off of The Revenge Begins]

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