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The Trail Horde

The Trail Horde


Charles Alden Seltzer

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The Trail Horde






The Trail Horde

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Classic western. According to Pulprack (quoting Adventure "Charles Alden Seltzer (Aug. 15, 1875 - Feb. 9, 1942) The vital statistics are: Born in August 1875, at the village of Janesville, Wisconsin. One year in Wisconsin. Then to Columbus, Ohio, where after a time I worked at various enterprises, such as newsboy, telegraph messenger, painter, carpenter and manager of the circulation of a newspaper. Spent the better part of five summer and some of the winters in Union County, New Mexico. At twenty I was in Cleveland, Ohio, where I was again a carpenter. Foreman, contractor. Began to write about this time — nights. Thirteen years of writing without finding a publisher. In the interim I was engaged in various enterprises: Building inspector for the City of Cleveland, editor of a small newspaper, expert for the Cuyahoga County Board of Appraisers. Wrote and sold about one hundred short stories. Published a book of short stories called the Range Riders in 1911. A success. Followed it with a full length novel called The Two Gun Man in 1911. Another bell-ringer..."